So every time I start watching a new season, I start crushing on the lead actor, but he turns out to be gay most of the times. It breaks my heart Why God Why? Why them? Here are some Hottest gay men of Hollywood who makes you drool.

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Matt Bomer

matt bomer gay

Matt Bomer also known as Neil Caffrey from the season ‘White Colar’. When I started watching white collar, Matt was the only guy I could talk about. Honestly the show has nothing to see other than Matt and I didn’t know that he was gay until the end of season 2, it shattered my heart. The only guy who looks that amazing in a suit. Well, I still have a crush on him *winks*.

Matt Dallas

Matt Dallas hot gay

When I was really young I used to watch this show called Kyle XY starring Matt Dallas. Back then I didn’t know about him being gay. He was my childhood crush and I got to know about him recently when he got married to Blue Hamilton. He is actually the cutest guy I have ever seen with blue eyes so deep, I could totally swim in them.

And yeah, Blue Hamilton is really hot too. I guess they could not have found a better match than each other.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris gay

If you did not Barney from how I met your mother is gay. WADDUP? Though he is not that hot, but come on, who does not love Barney and his witty remarks? He is married to David Burtka who is extremely hot. They make a good couple.

Jim Parsons

Jim Parsons gay

Yessss, Sheldon. Bazingggaaa. Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is officially gay. Why all smart and intelligent guys had to be gay? And he does not even act like one. I wish he did so I had a teensy bit of idea about him. His boyfriend is Todd Spiewak and they have been in relation for more than a decade.

Cheyenne Jackson

Cheyenne Jackson gay

The actor and singer Cheyenne Jackson with green eyes is one good looking man, but sadly he did not find women up to his standards and married a man, Jason Landau.

Luke MacFarlane

Luke MacFarlane gay

The Canadian beauty with brown hair and gray eyes, jaw line so sharp that could cut your hand if you touch it, is married to Kevin Walker and have a baby too.

Bob Harper

bob hopper gay

Bob is an American personal trainer who appears on the show ‘The biggest loser’. Being a trainer, he is in a perfect shape and makes your jaw drop and drool every time you look at him.