Everywhere in Pakistan, the fight between political parties are getting hype with the passing days. The most common quarrel is between Imran Khan, the Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and the corrupt leaders of this country. All the stuff started when Imran Khan challenged Nawaz Sharif about Panama Papers, but he remained silent. Now, the situation has reached to the strange point, where the members and followers of PTI just want justice through hook or crook.

Imran Khan has already planned to lock down Islamabad on 2nd November 2016 and the government is forcing him to get back. Well, we just wait that what will happen on the due date.

Does The Judiciary Only Serve The powerful In Pakistan? Imran Khan Asks

On Saturday, 29th October, the Chairman of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) asked the question to the Islamabad High Court (IHC). He asked, “In this country, does the judiciary only serve the powerful?”

This question states the very powerful statement and somehow, this is true too. Imran Khan said, “Our institutions for justice are controlled… [by a] a corrupt leader who wants to be Amirul Momineen.”

In today’s press conference outside the residence of Imran Khan in Bani Gala, he said in the reply of IHC’s remarks earlier this week that under which laws and rules Imran Khan wants to lock down Islamabad. Moreover, the court also ordered the city to run all the daily businesses on 2nd November because there is not any permission to lock down any city.

On this, Imran Khan said,

“I want to ask Justice Siddiqui, that when you made a decision and passed an order permitting us to hold a peaceful protest, and said that containers will not be placed, then why are our activists in jail?”

“We have been watching since day before yesterday [Thursday] that our activists are being mistreated, they are being arrested, women are being beaten,” he said. “They [authorities] have blocked everything, even food is not being permitted to come.”

“What law is allowing this?” he asked.

He said, “What democracy is this? The courts have made a decision… that decision is being violated in front of the whole country,”

imran khan lock down islamabad plan

Imran Khan And The Islamabad Lock Down

Imran Khan is giving everyone surety that he will stand up to his decision to lockdown the capital of Pakistan on 2nd November 2016. The chairman advised everyone to travel in groups and if they don’t do his, police will put them in jail. He also hinted everyone to choose the hidden routes to reach Islamabad. Imran Khan is very sure about his decision and further said that, “This is Nawaz Sharif’s dictatorship, not a democracy… we will show Nawaz Sharif on Nov 2 what democracy is.” according to Dawn News.

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The government remains obstinate to not allow Imran Khan to shut down Islamabad. The Chairman Imran Khan has warned everyone that he and his party will do what has decided.

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We are waiting for the further news!