When it comes to traditional style, no Pakistani bride can break any rule to look awesome and elegant. Every bride looks for the perfect dress for each occasion and the complementary jewelry with each dress. The bridal attire includes makeup and jewelry that the Pakistani bride must wear on her wedding day. Before some days of wedding, Pakistani brides convert her focus of everything to her looks through fascinating jewelry. That jewelry which defines her status symbol and innovative mind. It is the basic component of every bride’s look that enhances not only her appearance, but also her beauty. The bridal jewellery can be made up of various stones, gold, silver, diamonds, ruby, kundan or emerald studded pieces. Every bride has her own taste and choice, so she wants to look perfect and stunning on her big day.

There are hundreds of jewelry pieces every Pakistani bride wears to make the looks more astounding. From Matha Patti to Choker, every item makes the wedding dress amazing and traditional. So, let’s not wait and go through the 7 pieces of beautiful jewelry every traditional Pakistani bride must wear.

1. Nose Ring

No bride can be perfect without wearing any nose ring. A nose ring, stud or the ring with heavy chains is the traditional symbol of every bride. You can wear it in gold color on any of your big days. Now a day, Pakistani brides are wearing this jewelry piece on Nikkah and also on Barat. If you want to do something different, you can wear it with your Mehndi dress as well. Moreover, many girls don’t prefer to wear nose rings on their wedding, but if you want a traditional look, this accessory will make you an amazing bride ever.

pakistani nose rings2. Matha Patti

This is one of the most beautiful jewelry pieces, which compliments the bridal look. Gold, Kundan, or the stone style Matha Patti, which matches your entire jewelry is in fashion. Pakistani brides wear these pieces according to their face and hair style. The one, two or three layer Matha Patti is also available, which gives you royal attire. So  don’t be fussy, cross all your limits in looking unique and make your own style statement.

designer matha patti for brides3. Choker & Long Necklace

Obviously it’s the most important jewelry for the bride, because not only does it cover your neck, but the matching one with your dress highlights your entire look even more. Many jewelry designers are recreating the old fashioned jewelry pieces and they all are becoming very popular among the Pakistani brides. The neck pieces like chokar, short heavy necklace, long haar like necklace and many more have returned back. We must say that this traditional jewelry is the perfect choice for every bride worried for her wedding.

chokar and long necklace in fashion4. Jhoomar

Every bride loves to invest in her jewelry, so they take every item carefully. Just like the jhoomar, brides prefer to wear on the wedding. The polka and gold style jhoomar believes to give you the Mughal era touch. The brides nowadays, wearing jhoomars on their Nikkah along with nose ring, which makes them enhancing their dress too. If you are not comfortable with jhoomar, then must wear bindiya in order to look more trendy.

jhoomar new style in pakistan5. Earrings

A bride is not known as the complete bride until she wears earrings. On Nikkah, light gold jhumkas, on Mehndi, the flower earrings, on Barat the moon style earrings, and on Walima the elegant light colored earrings are becoming up-to-the-minute. You can wear huge, heavy or the lighter one. The diamond, gold and the stone studded earrings look awesome with every attire. Go for it and make your wedding look memorable!

bridal new design earrings6. Kangan & Bangles

No bride can be completed with some bangles and kangan. On your big day, many jewelry piece options are there just like you can wear bangles, if not, then the kangan alone must be the perfect choice. To look traditional, kundan bangles are in fashion on Mehndi and the gold ones on Barat. Worried for Reception? Go for some silver/diamond bangles. Also, there are some girls who only prefer to wear glass bangles of vibrant colors on their wedding.

traditional jewelry pieces7. Rings

Whether it’s a wedding or not, girls wear rings on every occasion. They are an important component of your wedding and rings of different colors adds the glamorous touch to the bride’s beauty. It’s not compulsory to match these pieces with your wedding outfit, but it should complement your whole dressing. The rings are really every girl’s dream to wear on her wedding, so wear as much as you can.

diamond rings for pakistani bride

In Pakistan, a bride’s look depends entirely on her wedding dress and kind of jewelry she wears. They prefer to wear Pakistani jewelry, which is famous all over the world and even people from all over the world prefer to wear traditional Pakistani jewelry pieces on their special occasions. If your wedding is near and you are planning to buy such elegant jewelry pieces, then this article is definitely for you.

So what’s your favorite traditional jewelry piece?