To get the job you have to give the best impression of yourself. Since the job market is very tight these days, you have to show why you deserve the job more than the other people who applied for the job.Hiring manager have a lot of candidates to choose from, so if you get a call for the interview every move counts. We have got some tips for you.

The resume

Make sure your resume is perfect .it should be concise and informative. Update it time to time.

resume writing


Research the company

Prior the interview, do research about the company. Visit the company website, visit the company’s linked in page and google their most recent stories. Keep yourself updated about the company. LEARN ABOUT THE COMPANY. Make them realize through your verbal notion that you’re eager to work with them.

research the company before interview


Stay on the point

During the interview don’t beat around the bush and always hit the bull’s eye.

stay on point while interview


Wear decent clothes. Make sure your shoes are very clean and your hair is properly brushed.Men should prefer a suit. And women should go for classic black dress pants with a decent blouse and heels or a decent trouser kamiz. Presentable attire gives you an extra edge.

how to dress for an interview

Stay confident

Your non-verbal expressions ought not to depict lack of confidence. But do not get over confident. If you don’t know the answer, do not get confused instead confuse them.

stay confident while interview


Flaunt your skills you have gained from the past experience with positive language.

explore your skills in interview


Explain your answers with examples.

interview tips


Do prepare for the interview. Practice tough questions. Learn about their culture and show them that you fit in.

job tips for interview


Do not delay in picking up calls from the company and in answering to emails. Nobody wants a lazy employee.

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