Kubra Khan Dresses:

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Kubra Khan model as well as a famous actress. She got fame in a very short time. She is a versatile and talented actress. She has worked in many popular films and dramas of Pakistan.

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Kubra Khan model turned actress has also worked in Bollywood. She had worked more in dramas than movies. Her acting skills are simply amazing. Kubra Khan is popular amongst the audiences through her acting skills.

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Her dressing style is not quite the same as different on-screen characters. More often than not she picks odd hues to wear instead of dull and striking hues.

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Kubra Khan in Blue Dress:

kubra khan in blue dress

This is one of the best dresses of Kubra Khan. The shiny printed shirt with golden threads with the touch of pink that is making it more appealing. She has the best hair that enlightens her look and makes her more beautiful. Choosing a perfect outfit for the perfect day is an art. Each day is a new outfit day in your life. Not everyone can carry style with class. Therefore every look of Kubra Khan is absolutely amazing and outstanding.

kubra khan in dark blue

Blue is the color that gives grace to your personality. In this outfit, Kubra Khan is wearing a western-style outfit with a unique shade of royal blue color. This dress can be worn at formal events. A dress is a complete code of conduct in an individual life. Therefore choose well and dress well!

bridal blue look of kubra khan

Choosing the right color for the bridal dress is difficult. Among many, only a few wear blue as a bridal dress. In this picture Kubra Khan is giving the idea to use blue in a unique way for bridal wear. Always wear what you want to wear. It is always a delight, in details of dresses anything you wear it with confidence.

That smile thou!

kubra khan killer smile

A bright sunny day wearing bright colors is a perfect combination. Wear anything that glows you and your personality. Be your own label. Never forget to wear the perfect smile of yours this is the original grace to your outfit as well as to your personality.

kubra khan in party dress

In Duniya News’s popular show Mazak Raat, Kubra decided to wear bright color combinations with light shades. Bright colors are good for camera effects and visuals. The elegant lady with a marvelous smile always keeps it simple and comfortable when it’s about dressing. She believes that it is us that matters, not the dress let it remain simple and contented.

As pretty as picture:

kubra khan in royal blue dress

The royal blend with the trend!. Kubra Khan says that you yourself create fashion for your ownself. A classic never goes out of style. Either wearing western or eastern always stay classy that is the trend. This shafoon stuff shirt with heavy laces is a perfect combination of the trendy class. Adding up the peachy shade Dupatta and Earings are making it a perfect outfit to go for.

Short hair look thou!

decent kubra khan in short movies

Glamming in daylight!

kubra khan bikny

Kubra Khan in White Dress:

kubra khan in white dress

Most of the time she chooses white from her wardrobe. White is probably her favorite color after black. Wearing white for the events is a perfect thing to do. The long frocks never go off-trend.

decent kubra

In her Ramzan transmission, she followed simple and decent dressing. The dressing is the way of individuals living. To follow the culture is to pay respect to your tradition. Kubra has to wear this peachy pink dress at a Ramzan Transmission in the Holy month.

In Ramadan Transmission:

kubra in ramzan
kubra at birthday

On the set of Alif drama, Kubra Khan wearing plain and decent clothes as her character demands. True style never dies although the character of the girl is simple she glams it with her smile and simplicity.

kubra in gown

The white gown with black color, making Kubra Khan looks elegant. With this hairstyle and makeup, she is giving a perfect western look and glamming all over.

bold kubra

This bold photoshoot of Kubra Khan is giving everyone wow moment. The bold shoot with smoky eyes and red lipstick are making Kubra Khan the hottest model. The amazing look with the perfect shiny morning shoot is mesmerizing all her fans.

kubra in morning show

In the morning shows, Kubra usually wears white and stays close to a formal style. White color makes her look more gorgeous and that smile she wears is always a star to her personality. She wins everyone’s heart with that pretty smile.

Kubra Khan in Red Dress:

KubraKhan in red dress

Lavish Red:

Kubra Khan in maroon dress
Kubra Khan in black and red

The expression of pearls!

Kubra's expression

Wearing red is not only getting up and dressing in red color it is about wearing red with confidence. Red is the bold but beautiful color of all not everyone can wear red with that confidence. In addition to it, Kubra Khan is giving that confidence in red. This red silk gown is perfect for a formal event.

In Award Show:

Kubra Khan in Western

Kubra Khan rocks both in eastern as well as western outfits. She knows how to carry every event with her beautiful and classy outfits. For her, true style never dies and she believes that one can easily wear the style that is created by themselves.

Her Bold Photoshoot:

Kubra in red and black

Kubra Khan in Black Dress:

Kubra Khan in black
Kubra Khan in black and white

In the Morning Show:

Kubra Khan in gold and black

Explore your true style:

Kubra Khan all black

Normal is boring

Kubra Khan eyes

Lady with Elegant Smile:

Kubra Khan in morning show

Kubra Khan Birthday outfit:

Kubra Khan at birthday

Kubra Khan’s birthday outfit is alluring black that is making her more attractive. Furthermore, with these props, she is giving us major birthday goals!

Kubra Khan photoshoot

Black is her favorite color, as we have seen her many times in black color. All the pictures in every avatar are available on her Instagram official account.

Stunning Kubra Khan in Black:

Kubra Khan in shades

Her every avatar is mesmerizing!

Kubra Khan in saari

Red with black always in trend:

Kubra Khan trends

Tradition meets fashion:

Kubra Khan model

Kubra Khan in Pink Dress:

Kubra Khan in soft pink

Eid Dress:

Kubra Khan traditional DRESS Design

Ahh! Traditional look:

Kubra Khan jhumkas

Simple and Decent:

Kubra Kahn red and pink
Kubra Khan at Ramzan transmission

Punjabi Dress look of Kubra:

Kubra Khan punjabi dress

Kubra Khan in Sindhi Dress:

Kubra Khan sindhi

In Kashmiri Dress:

Kubra Khan in Kashmiri dress

In her different avatars, she looks a stunner. Following every culture with their dresses and jewelry is completely heartbreaking. She looks super cute in every culture dress. Always feel pretty in anything and anywhere.

In Bridal Dresses:

Kubra's Bridal look

The astonishing bronze with golden work is giving a royal look to the dress. The rusty makeup with hairdo is completing the image of a perfect bride. In this Kubra portraying the traditional color with trendy looks.

Kubra Khan in bridal shoot
Kubra Khan in red

Red Bridal dresses are a symbol of Pakistani weddings but the trend has changed now. People using multiple colors contrast to mixing it with other colors to follow the latest trends. The finest work on the dresses the heavy jewelry is making the dress more artistic.

Kubra Khan in movie Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

The bridal dressing is all about making the right choices with each and every detail. The right choice of jewelry with embellished work of threads and beads. This makes up with the whole dress twinkling making the dress best to wear. This bridal look of Kubra is completely outstanding and ravishing.

Kubra Khan Dresses in Awards:

Kubra Khan ced carpet awards

Be exclusive, Be Devine, Be yourself!

Kubra Khan In HUM awards

The awards show is basically not only for awards but for the stars to show their beautiful dresses on the Red carpets. These stars set trends for their fans. The latest western and eastern dresses and time to time changes in trends make everyone keep in touch with fashion.


Do well, live well, and dress really well. Beautiful Kubra always dressing up different but different is beautiful. She is the style icon of the fashion industry and is beautiful naturally. Wishing her luck for further days to stay and present the amazing avatar with different looks and dresses.