Smog is the worst combination of air pollutants that can damage human health and harm the environment to the highest extent. It can cause many health problems like asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, respiratory problems, eye irritation and also lung infections. We are talking about Lahore Smog, which has caused residents suffered in the blanket of bad environment. The city is badly polluted from this smog and people are feeling poor breathing and eye infections.

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Lahore Smog: Sort Of Environmental Disaster

We all know the major causes of Lahore smog. There are many construction projects, cut down of trees, emissions from vehicles and industries everywhere. For precautionary measures, everyone should wear mask and avoid unnecessary travelling.

In other countries, government tends to close down all the schools and public places in this situation, but this action has not set up still in Lahore. Even during the day, people are complaining about the heavy breathe and eyes burning.

“Excessive emissions from vehicles and industries and large-scale digging for development have increased pollution to alarming level. Persistent dryness has caused gradual accumulation of pollutants in the atmosphere. Decrease in temperature has caused the accumulated pollutants to form fog, mist and smog”, Chief Meteorologist Muhammad Riaz said.

“Yes, it is smog but we can’t exactly identify sources due to lack of air quality testing equipment. Environmental Protection Agency lacks equipment to identify pollutants and gauge level of pollution. As such there is no data to determine the ambient air quality. Even there is no Director General to manage the affairs of EPA”, said Ahmad Rafay Alam, a leading environmentalist.

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“Pollution is high in urbanized and industrialized centers. The situation is even worse in cities like Lahore. This is why smog is more prevalent in these areas.” “Children are at greater risk of getting diseases due to weak immune system. Such level of pollution also hinders normal growth of brain of infants. Even housewives and infants are not free from risk of exposure to pollution as PM2.5 enters room with air”, he said.

CM Organized Committee For Emergency Plan

CM Shahbaz Sharif Has Set Up Committee For The Solution Of Lahore Smog

The Chief Minister of Punjab Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has organized the committee to cogitate the causes of Lahore smog and other areas of Punjab to adopt some precautionary measures. Khawaja Salman Rafique, adviser on health will be the convener of the committee, consists of 20 members and Provincial Minister for Environment and Chief Secretary Punjab will be co-convener in this committee. The members will be Secretaries of departments concerned, Additional IG Traffic Punjab, Vice Chancellor Kind Edward Medical University, DG PDMA, Chief Meteorologist Lahore.

The committee will decide the plans to deal with this scary situation in the Punjab. In the meeting, the recommendations regarding school going children safety are also included. To save everyone from traffic accidents and to provide public awareness and other protective measures in this regard.

The committee will present its first set of recommendations to the CM on 03-11-2016.

committee for lahore smog