Lahore, one of the finest and biggest cities of Pakistan, holds the dominant position. It is also known as the cultural heart of Pakistan with famous cuisines, art, festivals, cultural and architectural history. Many people come from different areas of Pakistan only to settle here because of the best facilities available. There are Best Housing Schemes in Lahore you should visit to buy a wonderful house.

Everybody wants the furnished home along with high class lifestyle, with all the facilities, comforts, 100% foolproof security system, clean water system, no load shedding, amazing greenery and parks, grounds, lakes and wide roads. If you are confused about the best housing schemes in Lahore, then this article will help you out. The well-known and luxurious societies are what every person wants in life. So to improve your living standard, read this article and make your mind to visit to the peaceful places in Lahore.

1. Bahria Town Lahore

The well known and among the best housing schemes in Lahore is none other than Bahria Town, which depicts the high class expectations. Bahria Town is the best place to live with the facility of most conventional to modern means that enables a complete lifestyle. Greenery, large and small houses, parks, commercial area and the luxury lifestyle is what everyone wants. Yes, it is the very far from the main city Lahore, but we can’t deny the fact this housing society is providing amazing facilities and the best one is no load shedding at all.

best housing schemes in lahore

2. Defence Housing Authority (DHA Lahore)

The second most famous and one of the best housing schemes in Lahore is DHA. Most people around the Pakistan and especially the foreigners prefer to live in this housing society. The fresh, clean air, extensive streets, shops, markets, parks and extraordinary greenery will definitely refresh your mind. There are different phases in DHA with Phase I being the oldest, Phase VI and VII is currently being developed. You can check the modernity of this housing scheme, which gives you newer houses with each new phase. With all the luxurious facilities, this housing scheme is one of the expensive one in Lahore.

defence housing scheme in lahore

3. Lahore Cantonment (Cantt, Lahore)

This place in Lahore is famous for security, peace, greenery and amazing facilities for shopping. The biggest and amazing places like Fortress Stadium and Mall of Lahore is located in Lahore cantonment. Many people prefer to buy a home here because this area is under the army, but everyone should know that it’s not possible to rent or buy houses there easily because most houses are occupied by locals. The peaceful place in Lahore where everyone wished to live.

houses in lahore cantt

4. Model Town Lahore

Located in Gulberg, Model Town is one of the best housing schemes in Lahore, which was developed during the British Raj period. The shopping centers and many shops are present there, so there is no need to visit any other places for shopping because Model town has every facility. The rent and plot prices are much lower than the Bahria Town and DHA and it is known as the old society as compared to others. That’s why, houses are older and cost is lower. The beautiful and big society with amazing facilities make it the most durable one.

model town lahore

5. Punjab Housing Society Lahore

If you have a tight budget, then the Punjab Housing Society in Lahore is the place for you. Located on Ghazi Road, next to the Defence, it has finer roads. The services and facilities are cheaper here as compared to other societies in Lahore, but one thing not so common is there are not much garden space in houses here. This is the reason, why this housing society has less rent. The benefit to live here in less cost is also that you will be close to DHA to enjoy the markets and shops.

punjab housing society lahore

6. Johar Town Lahore

The dream place for those who want to live in the developed area is Johar Town, which is among the best housing schemes in Lahore. Other than beautiful site and houses, Johar Town has better security and medical facilities just like other best housing schemes in Lahore. Many supermarkets are present there and because of luxurious life, it is populated area.

plots in johar town lahore

7. Wapda Town

The location of Wapda Town is on Sardaiyaab road Lahore and has good road links like College road and Raiwand road. You can easily live here because of the basic and best facilities available. There are different blocks of the society, which has Five Marla, Ten Marla and Kanal Plots. Many people prefer to live here because the whole area is already commercialized with the centralized parks. Beautiful and durable society, it is one of the best residential areas of Lahore for a living.

wapda town lahore society

So get away from the rushy area and make your life amazing by living in one of the above mentioned housing schemes!