Hamza Ali Abbasi, the controversial yet amazing actor has been too much famous for his remarks and statements. He has also blown up media every time he noticed some unusual stuff related to Pakistan. This time you will be glad to know about the much awaited Kambakht movie by Hamza Ali Abbasi, which will soon hit the cinemas.

Kambakht Movie By Hamza Ali Abbasi Cast and Story

The cast of the movie is very well known, you will see Hamza Abbasi, Humayun Saeed, Shafqat Cheema, Gohar Rasheed, Shehryar Munawar, Saba Qamar and Sohai Ali Abro. In the movie, you will see the story of two friends, who will be seen to deal with some similar circumstances, but belong to the same world. On the other hand, Shafqat Cheema will be seen to play the role of a boy who will be the victim of social recession. This movie is attracting the people of all the ages. The strange thing is Hamza has spent a lot of money in this movie as compared to his previous projects.

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‘Kambakht’ Movie By Hamza Ali Abbasi Was Delayed Due To Dharnas

This movie was about to release 2 years back, but was delayed due to dharnas. Moreover, Hamza Ali Abbasi said that,

“I want to do at least one drama a year. However, I haven’t come across a riveting script as yet. The kind of scripts being pitched currently have not grabbed my attention. I do plan to return to television this year, provided I get the right story.”

“I admit, the shooting did get delayed because I was busy in dharnas. However, it is in post production now and we will hopefully be done with it by March and then hand it over to ARY to release it whenever they deem fit. I truly believe in this project. Entertainment without a message or moral is useless. Kambakht will make people laugh but also make people think.”

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Hamza Ali Abbasi Controversies

People say that Hamza Ali Abbasi always welcomes controversies in a way to improve the ethics and society of the current system. Well, Hamza has amazingly debated much in this regard like,

“Even when I was young, I would constantly debate and argue upon issues that I felt strongly about,” says Hamza. “Now that I am well-known, people assume that I am speaking my mind just to gain attention. Fame has its perks, but it also brings in a great deal of responsibility. It gives me the opportunity to get people talking on issues that are pertinent to my country and culture. People may slam me down and disagree with me, but I take satisfaction in having started off discussions.”

Kambakht movie by hamza ali abbasi

Let’s see how the audience will take all the controversies as well as the Kambakht movie by Hamza Ali Abbasi. Just wait and watch!