Dewy mornings, fuddled places and the warm clothes – it means the blanket of snow has appeared everywhere to show you some winter signs. We are talking about the astonishing Mushkpuri, which is the second highest hill of Galyat, located in the hills of Nathiagali in District Abbotottabad, Khyber Pakhtunnkhwa, Pakistan. You will be astonished to see the Mushkpuri Top Pictures, full of greenery and fragmented flowers, and covered with snow in winters.

People show their love of winters by taking the breathtaking pictures of Mushkpuri and you will be overwhelmed by admiring the beauty of nature. Simply put, this is the heavenly place for all the tourists in Pakistan. Here we have collected 10 astonishing Mushkpuri top pictures to give you some travel goals in winters. Explore and witness the beauty!

1. The beautiful sunshine at Mushkpuri top.

mushkpuri top pictures

2. Fascinating place at Mushkpuri to live in.

mushkpuri resort

3. Magnificent view of snow packed Mushkpuri mountains.

snowy mushkpuri mountains picture

4. Heaven on earth – Mushkpuri snowy peak with wonderful pine trees.

trip to mushkpuri

5. Hiking up the frozen Mushkpuri top is itself an adventure.

hiking to frozen muhskpuri top

6. A snowy route to Mushkpuri top. Absolutely stunning!

route to mushkpuri

7. Spectacular beauty from Donga Gali to Mushkpuri Top in winters.

donga gali to mushkpuri

8. People are making their way from Nathiagali to Mushkpuri top. The best place for hiking!

nathiagali to mushkpuri9. Another spectacular view of Mushkpuri top.

tourists famous place mushkpuri

10. The spellbound beauty of Mushkpuri will definitely urge you to go there.

pictures of mushkpuri