Naimal Khawar dresses :

Naimall khawar


Naimal Khawar beautiful model. As well as an actor with professional skills in visual arts. The elegant lady always dresses in a decent and stylish way. Naimal Khawar dresses are mostly of bright colors.

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As an artist, she prefers playing with colors. She instead of selecting dull and odd prefer bright over light. She managed to play with dark shades. Not everyone can carry the blunt and dark colors all the time.

Of course, this does not mean that she doesn’t wear dull and light shades. Therefore whatever she wears suits her in an exquisite way.

Naimal Khawar in Red Dress:

Naimal Khawar Wedding Pics

naimal in red

Red is the most eye-catching color. Naimal totally looks lavish in this long frock red outfit. In addition to the dress golden lace is making a decent combination. There are different shades of red but which one suits you is an individual’s own choice.

Black Dress:

naimal in black

Black is a color that modifies you in an attractive way. This net shirt is making her look alluring. The blend of light makeup with this dark shade outfit is uniquely pleasing.

Bridal Dress:

bridal wear

Fine white color with shiny beadwork presenting alluring shades to the dress. In this Maheen Shah dress with silver jewelry is giving a fine look to her big day. Naimal didi her makeup on her big day by ownself.

In Blue Dress:

Blue isn’t blue until its royal!

naimal in blue

Naimal in this saree is presenting herself as good as the picture. The yellow lace with velvet blue saree is an addition to her royalness and elegancy. This is a perfect winter outfit for a formal party. Not everyone can carry saree the way Naimal did.

Pink Dress:

naimal in pink

Light pink with this hairdo is making everything go perfect. She has fair complexion, therefore, the pink is giving her a smashing look. Pink is amongst soft colors and is wore with special care. Probably fair complexions can easily wear pink.

Nikkah Dress:

naimal on nikkah day

In this bridal outfit, she made alterations with the help of Maheen Shah to make it more alluring to wear. It is one of her best dresses thou. Maheen Shah said that we choose to make dupatta and lehnga as it is. Furthermore, crafted gold Kamdaani kameez with it. Highlighting drawls of traditional Gota and Salma work on the boundary, sleeves, and neckline, the kameez was ended up with tassels.

Kashmiri Dress:

Naimal Khawar Kashmiri Dress

With all the jewelry and that Kashmiri outfit, she presented a divine image of her following traditional style of dressing. A picture with a perfect blend of culture with the people of that specific region.

Balochi Dress:

Naimal Khawar Balochi Dress

Focusing upon traditional dressing she always supported every culture and their traditions. The gorgeous actor wore beautiful cultural dresses for the representation of her love for Pakistan and its culture. This dress design is simple but presenting a traditional and cultural look of a Balochi girl. In both pictures, Naimal dressed up in a different way according to different regions.

Party Dress:

Naimal Khawar in Party Wear
Naimmal Khawar Best Dress

Mehndi Dress:

Naimal Khawar inn Yellow Dreess

White Dress:

Naimal Khawar White Dress

Naimal wearing white color. Her Eid dress is about Gharara with a net embellished shirt. She also chooses a white color for her bridal dress. Stunning Naimal looked pleasing in all white. With a small touch of makeup and impressive hairdo, she carries her beautiful look all over.

Western Dress:

Naimal Khawar Beautiful Dress

Not only eastern but she carries her western look to an artistic version. She dresses in a way that shows her interest in wearing different kinds of clothes Mostly her images are of western dresses. Fashion is something that keeps on changing from time to time and for that, one must get up to date with all the trendy colors and cuts.


Naimal Khawar either dresses eastern or western she looks delightful. The effortless woman conveys her light cosmetics with a dull feeling of dressing and in the entirety of her photos, she looks staggering as well. She pursued both conventional and non-customary patterns.