Jacked Nutrition introduced Crossfit in Islamabad to let everyone enjoy the fitness trend with innovation. They believe in forgetting outdated training methods by moving on to develop new and complex training methods with highly educated trainers. Forget about the clueless trainers and fake supplements because this new gym in Islamabad is on the top of fitness level.

new gym in islamabad
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As the health and fitness industry is growing in Pakistan, more and more people are getting aware of all the health risks. So the ultimate solution is to stay fit. The company ‘Jacked Nutrition’ has all set on creating a better Pakistan through fitness.

Introducing to you Jacked CrossFit

jacked crossfit in islamabad
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Fitness Goals!

new gym jacked crossfit in pakistan
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In a new way…

modern gym in pakistan
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To become fit

jacked nutrition gym
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With modern means

jacked crossfit introduces new type of gym
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Are you ready to join?

excercise equipments in gym
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Jacked nutrition was started as a small company by promoting health and fitness and by selling authentic and steroids free supplements through free consultations. This new gym in Islamabad has brought the famous western CrossFit culture to Pakistan with the aim of changing the old workout methods and how people train in the gym with full passion.

The company has a first studio opened in the capital of Pakistan to offer widely different training methods everyone wants so.

Have a look at what CrossFit is all about!


It is located in F-11 Markaz of Islamabad above the Gloria Jeans. The gym has high-end equipments and the amazing thing is it has a whole section only dedicated to CrossFit activities. There are jump boxes, tons of bars, hammers, tires and many other stuff to make you feel like a real bodybuilder.

The gym has affordable starting and probably known as only the gym in Islamabad available 24/7 and 365 days for its clients.

Moreover, highly trained personal trainers and fully air conditioned environment is all your exercise goals.

To know more, check out their website and Facebook page.