As you people are well aware of Noor Bukhari who once remained a dancing beauty of Lollywood Films has married three times and all her weddings resulted in divorce unfortunately. Now the news came, according to which the actress has married for the fourth time despite of having a daughter from the third marriage and the thing that has amazed everyone is the groom she has married with.


Whom Did She Marry.

You people must be well aware of the classical singer Ustad Hamid Ali Khan, the one whose sons have made a singing group by the name of Ragha Boys few years back. Noor has married with the son of Hamid Ali Khan named Wali Khan.


First Marriage With A Hindu.

vikram marriage noor

Noor has first married in 2008 with a hindu man named Vikram but the married has ended, reasons behind the ending of marriage are still unknown. A huge fight took place between Noor and Vikram and it was recorded in the morning show of Nadia Khan in Dubai. This marriage of Noor was taken negatively all over Pakistan because of the religion of Noor’s husband.

Second Marriage Of Noor.

Farooq Mengal and Actress Noor

Second time actress has married a famous director and producer named Farooq Mengal in 2010, this marriage was ended just in four months and It was the worst marriage as she was demanding divorce from him but according to her father she was beaten by farooq mengal.

Third Marriage.

Pakistani Actress Noor With Her Husband Unseen Pictures (2)

Actress has married with Aon Ch who is working for PTI, this married was also ended after five months. And a daughter is also there from this marriage.

Wali Khan And Noor.

Filmstar Noor’s Fourth Marriage (3)


Wali Khan and Noor are working for their upcoming movie “Eshq Positive” and the sources have told that their love story began during the shooting of the movie, and they were secretly married but the marriage news was told on media when the actress was divorced by Aon Chaudhary. It is the fourth attempt by the actress of tying the knot legally, look what happens with the relationship this time. This news was somehow revealed on media on 28th june 2015.


Sources have also revealed that when the question was asked from the actress about her fourth marriage then she didn’t give any clear answer about it either in confirmation denial of the news.

If the news is telling right then we wish the couple all the best for their upcoming project and their marriage.