pratyusha banerjee big boss death

The famous drama artist of india who was famous for her work in plays like Balika Vadhu and especially in the reality show Big Boss is no more with us. She has committed suicide and found hanged in her room in the Mumbai residence. She was in a relationship with her boyfriend  and they were about to get married.

The artist was just aged 24 and all the entertainment industry are shocked to listen to this sudden death news. Her boyfriend has been made responsible for her suicide by her family and few friends.

pratyusha banerjee Died

No Death Note was found in her room.

According to police, no last words written on any paper were found in the room of Pratyusha. She has taken part in the famous reality show ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’ and she was always taken as a kid in shows like Bigg Boss and Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

pratyusha banerjee rahul raj

Cause of death.

According to some of her friends, she was having some problems in her relationship with Rahul Raj Singh and maybe any fight took place or something like that which made her take this step.

Aijaz Khan in biggboss

Aijaz Khan called it a MURDER.

On the other hand another Big Boss contestant Aijaz Khan has clearly claimed that it was not a suicide. It was just a murder case. He told that Pratyusha was such a brave girl and she could never take such a step as he knows her very well.

Rahul Raj Singh with girlfriend

Boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh was brought to an unknown place.

Police has brought the boyfriend of actress at an unknown place to know his statement regarding this incident. He told the police that he and Pratyusha used to live in that room and that Mumbai residence had two keys. One key was kept by him and one by his girlfriend. He clearly told that he had no serious talks and they didn’t have any problem in their relationship and he is completely shocked and scared on her death.

Pratyusha’s postmortem death news

Pratyusha’s postmortem took place to know the reason.

Her postmortem also took place to know whether it was a murder or suicide. If the results of her postmortem are believed, they show that she died due to suffocation. This result is completely irrelevant to both the conditions because if suffocation was the reason, then why she was found hanged with the ceiling.

Pratyusha’s last whatsapp status

Pratyusha’s last whatsapp status.

As everyone is trying to know the reason behind her death, her whatsapp status was also found that proved to be her last whatsapp status. This status is also linking with her suicide. Her last whatsapp status is:

Markay be tujhse mu na morain gay J

This status also tells about her plans of suicide because the words clearly show that.

Pratyusha’s friends on death

Actors call no work the cause of her death.

Few actors who were close to her and who were the friends of her in real life told that she was worried because of getting no work from past many years. This thing is also told as one of the biggest cause behind her suicide attempt.