Desi girlfriends are just like Desi mothers who know how to teach the boy a good lesson, but this time we will talk about the innocent boyfriends. Girls love to create different limits for their boyfriends, which shows that these girls want one man love in their life.

Sometimes these Pabandiyan can go to beyond the limit which force all the boys to say “YEH MERI GIRLFRIEND HAI YA AMMI?”

So have a look at these Desi PABANDIYAN!

1. A Very Fine Good Morning Text is Must

A very fine good morning text should be sent to girlfriends sharp when they awake otherwise one pray for the boys “REST IN PEACE”

Good Morning Text for girlfriend

2. Where is Today’s Call?

If you boys forgot to call her any day say her sorry otherwise she will emotionally blackmail you by crying or it will be very terrible for  you.

pabandian by girlfriend

3. Time Limit for Everything

As a boyfriend, you should keep in mind one thing that you have two mothers one is your own mother and second is your girlfriend who behaves like your Desi ammi. She always sets a limit for everything, even not to go outside after sharp 10pm. This time you have to answer many questions like;

Time Limit for Everything

4. No Life! Only One Girlfriend

Being a boyfriend is very difficult task where you should keep one thing in mind that you never say hello to another girl, never accept any girl’s request on Facebook and never talk to any girl.

desi pabandian by girls

5. Its Dressing Time

After having a girlfriend, you will choose dressing according to her sense otherwise she will blame you for everything. MARK HER WORDS!

dressing according to girlfriend

6. You Should Have a Fit Body

From dressing to everything, your girlfriend sees best in you so go for walk daily and also join a gym. Moreover, there should be no fat on your body because your girlfriend thinks that you are her prince charming.

girlfriends need fit body

7. The Friend Zone

Your so called girlfriend will always hate your other male friends, whether they are good or not. She always tries to speak bad about your friends and didn’t ever allow you frankly to hang out with them.

so called girlfriend

Comment below if your girlfriend really behaves so awkward like these all!