Punjabi songs are always in demand, especially for boys because they fully understand what the singer is actually wanting to say and meaning behind these songs. Have you ever thought to hear these songs in English, but with the same music?

Well! Get ready to enjoy these songs which we have translated from Punjabi to English. Check this epic list and see the hilarious translation that is definitely going to make your day. Don’t forget to share with your friends.

1. Neray Aah

This song was originally sung by Saira Naseem for the Punjabi film “Chooriyan” back in 1998, but Overload direct it in their own way and released it in 2011. The song was made to sing in Coke Studio from which many youngsters got inspiration.

Nere aa aa aa zaalama we

main thar gayi aan aan aan

main mar gayi aan

agg badlaan nah laai

daindi phiraan main duhaai

mainoon maar gayi ae teri be-parwaai


Come closer Oh cruel one!

I’m so cold

I’m dead

The clouds had lit a fire

I go around calling for mercy

What has killed me is Your aloofness!

neeray aa coke studio

2. Dil Kare Chu Che

This amazing song is from Bollywood movie Singh is Bling released on 9th October 2015. This song has already made its way to another path because of awesome music and lyrics.

Beat, banjo, singh sing
Lut gaya main soni tere pyaar mein
Maar na dei mainu intezar mein
Ankhiyan main do se chaar karke
Par gaya dil tey karobaar mein

Ho tera iqrar sunke
Ke dil kare chu che chu che che
Ke dil kare chu che chu che che


He wants to say that he loves you babe
Now you gotta tell him something too
In every way I just wanna say
That you are the one, baby I love you

My heart says chu che chu che che
My heart says chu che chu che che

dil kare chu che song

3. Yaar Tera Superstar Desi Kalakaar

The amazing song sung by Honey Singh and featured on Sonakshi Sinha.

Yaar tera superstar desi kalakaar
Main put jatt da manda ni haar

Your beloved is a superstar, country artist,
I am the son of a jatt, I don’t accept defeat..

Duniya kee sochu ki saade bare ae gal billo
Chhad de, chhad de, chhad de
Apne tu mummy daddy da vi darr
dil ton hun kad de, kad de


Should I think of the world, or myself, my dear,
stop thinking this..
Also, remove the fear of your parents
from your heart, just remove it..

Desi Kalakaar song english version

4. Kundi Na Kharka Sohnaya

The epic Punjabi song to wonder how people hear this type of song, but it can be jolly if you give a special English touch. Have a look on this song.

Kundi na kharka Sohnaya Siddha Andar Aa Sohnaya


Don’t knock the door, Handsome… Come Straight in, Handsome..

Kundi Na Kharka Sohnaya song

5. Neher Wale Pul

The funny Neher wala pul has become so famous for Punjabi people who loved to enjoy these songs of great singer Noor Jehan in their daily life.

Sanoo Neher wale pul te bula ke khud mahi kithay reh gaya Saadi akhan diyan neendran churake, O saadi akhan diyan neendran churake, Ke khud mahi kithe reh gaya,


He called me on the bridge of the Canal and now where is he himself? By stealing away the sleep of my eyes, where is he himself?

sanu nehar walay pul by noor jahan

6. Gur Naal Ishq Mitha

This Punjabi hit song will definitely make your day have fun with this song get up and move your body.

Gur nalo ishq mitha O ho
Gur nalo ishq mitha Ai hai
O rabba lag na kise nu jaave
Gur nalo ishq mitha

Love is sweeter than jiggery

Love is sweeter than jaggery
O God, let is strike no one
This love, sweeter than jaggery


Meri pave jind kad le O ho
Meri pave jind kad leAi hai
Mere yaar nu manda na boli
Meri pave jind kad le

You may take my life away

You may take my life away
But don’t speak a word against my beloved

Gur Naal Ishq Mitha song