This world is full of amazing arts and crafts and between these stuffs the extraordinary paintings are placed in different galleries and museums in the world. These paintings have marvelous impressions on people who love to see expensive and creative paintings. There’s not any specific formula to make these out of the world paintings and artists made these true masterpieces with the help of their genius mind and heart.

Among the millions of paintings that astonishing artists made and their work were shown in galleries and museums all around the world, many pieces of paintings are there to make the history. Every year artists spend millions of money on these paintings despite the fact that they are too much expensive, but people love to watch and buy them. Lets have some view of these paintings which are sited in different museums around the world.

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1. The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa painting is on the top of the list of famous paintings of the world which was being painted by Leonardo da Vinci in Florence. The artist carried this painting with him everywhere. The mysterious smile, speculating eyes and appealing hair captured the imagination of the world in no time. He completed his painting in a period of less than 20 years and then this painting was named as a famous member of the royal family.

This painting also got stolen by the Italian man, who believed that Mona Lisa should be returned to Italy, but he caught after two years when he tried to sell the masterpiece to the directors of the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Today this beautiful painting has given back its position on the wall in the museum of Paris. More than 5 million people came to see this amazing painting each year.

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2. Starry Night

To know about the modern culture, Starry Night painting is best example which was painted by Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh in past 1889. Shortly before this painting, he wrote to his brother and described the night sky when he looked out from his room at the asylum in Saint-Remy. This painting shows the visionary expression from the artist’s personal fears and his admiration about nature.

Starry Night depicts the modern culture and like Mona Lisa, this painting is also well known in various museums and its also the part of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The famous thing about this painting is that it represents the famous inspiring song “VINCENT”.

starry night painting

3. The Last Supper

The Last Supper painting represents the announcement of Jesus that amongst the 12 of his believers, there will be one who will betray him. It’s a painting of the 15th century and are located in the dinning hall of Santa Maria in Milan. This painting also shows the scriptural basis for the Eucharist, also known as ‘Holy Communion’ or ‘The Lord’s Supper’. Leonardo da Vinci paints one of the most beautiful and famous scenes of the Bible – the ultimate test of man that who will we serve, God or Mammon?

All the people have different representation of this painting, but we know that this painting have got the biggest attention of believers.

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4. The Scream

The Scream is the most famous painting by Edward Munch which was being painted around 1893. It is displayed on the wall of The National gallery in Norway. The special thing about painting is that oil and pastel have used on cardboard in order to complete this awesome painting.

This painting features a weird figure that really looks like the host from Tales from the Crypt. Moreover, it shows the agony and pain of the modern life.

The Scream painting original

5. Girl with a Pearl Earring

The amazing painting also referred as “THE DUTCH MONA LISA” or “THE MONA LISA OF THE NORTH” was done by Vermeer. Tracy Chevalier wrote a novel dramatizing the circumstances of the painting’s creation with the inspiration of the film where Scarlett Johansson was wearing the beautiful pearl earring.

This painting was completed around 1665 and portrays the beautiful example of the Baroque style and use of the light. We can say, that this painting is one of the most sophisticated ones that illustrates the purity, innocence and the changes that occur when growing into womanhood.

awesome creativity girl painting
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6. Guernica

Guernica is the most critical painting showing the sufferings of war and its effects on innocent people. The whole scenes of war have been placed down in the painting by the famous Pablo Picasso, whose motive was to bring the attention of the world on the Basque town of Guernia by bombers of Germany.

You can see this amazing painting in Madrid, Spain.

Guernica famous painting

These all astonishing paintings had some lessons or experiences of any event in the past. The one with the awesome and creative mind can imagine all the views behind these paintings.