It is greatly said that;

“We make our friends; we make our enemies; but God makes our next door neighbor”.

Gilbert K. Chesterton

Neighbors are the greatest blessings in the world, but sometimes this blessing can be very dangerous for you, especially when you are living with the Desi annoying neighbors. Staying in a Desi family will give you the epic chance to meet different types of people in your society and from there you will come to know that some people are so PURSUKOON and the rest are SARDARD.

So from this article you will think twice about the neighbors next to you that whether they are calm or too much noisy!

1. The noisy neighbors whose main aim is to make noise through different gadgets and destroy the peace of other people living in the same society.

noisy neighbors

2. Those neighbors who will ruin your full mood by interfering in your each and every matter. THE KEBAB MA HADDI ones!


3. THE MANGTE ONES! That neighbor who will ask you to borrow everything, especially the kitchen stuff and will never return them.


4. The ultimate WELE neighbors who will visit a single house in order to spread buzzes here and there.

ultimate WELE neighbors

5. The real fighters in your society whose main aim is to just fight for every single moment.

 real fighters in your society

6. The angry neighbors who are always in the bad mood and you can’t even see them smiling in the funny situation.

The angry neighbors

7. The top advisers who will advise you every time and can’t control their tongue.

advisers neighbor

8. The PURSUKOON neighbors who will never annoy you and believe in sit silently in their homes.

PURSUKOON neighbors

 9. The last category of neighbor known as THE THARKI ONES who believe in staring other neighbor girls.