When you decide to be a freelancer, it means you want to be your own boss by pursuing multiple projects. Everyone knows that doing freelancing is not easy, as you have to go through so many things that makes you annoying and irritating in various ways. Sometimes, clients pay late, they want you to work on weekends, they urge you to do the same work again and again. Sort of freelancer struggles…That’s simply annoying! So have you ever felt a little fun being a freelancer? Surely not! Because there are many real freelancer struggles that are too annoying to deal with.

1. When people ask what actually freelancer means? You are like, who asks that?

real freelancer struggles

2. You have to explain everyone that how you are your own boss. You are your own accountant, HR director, social media manager, editor, writer, etc. To explain everything is quite difficult!

when people ask silly questions

3. And the stressful question is, “what are your taxes like?”

freelancer give taxes

4. You sometimes feel super annoying by the home environment. All you want is to enjoy some office life. Yes, one of the real freelancer struggles.

when you work at home

5. The nightmare is when you have to do work on weekends too, but it also means that you can take holidays whenever you want.

struggles of freelancers

6. And sometimes people think you are just an idle person, because you don’t go to the proper office.

people perception about freelancers

7. The serious time zone issue. Reality!

work from home

8. When your clients ignored to pay you for more than one month.

clients refused to pay

9. When you *hardly* get a bonus. Simply a happy feeling!

when you get your bonus

10. When you have to meet your deadline.

deadline to meet