We love Pakistani dramas, but with the passage of time the Turkish dramas are taking our entertainment channels by storm with the love myth and amazing lessons. Just like Ishq-e-Mamnu, Fariha and Fatima Gul! After ‘Mera Sultan’, Kosem Sultan is another historical Turkish drama, which has become famous everywhere. It depicts the Ottoman Dynasty with the beautiful dramatic story, hooking the audience day by day. Aired on Pakistani channel Urdu 1, this legendary drama has made everyone spellbound with the various characters and the adorable chemistry among the historical people.

This drama is based on the life of the powerful woman who rule the Ottoman empire with full honesty and courage alone. She is none other than the Beren Saat, who has given us remarkable serials, Ishq-e-Mamnu and Fatima Gul. To give you more proof, have a look at given below 10 reasons why you should not miss watching this historical Turkish drama Kosem Sultan.

1. The handsome and powerful Ahmed Sultan aka Ekin Koç.

ahmed sultan turkish historical king

2. The entry of Anastasia will definitely blow your mind. Ahmed Sultan falls in love with her by seeing her sketch. Mesmerizing!

anastasia in kosem sultan

3. The return of Beren Saat as Kosem Sultan. Well, everyone wants to admire her beauty.

beren saat as kosem sultan

4. Indeed a powerful script with an enthralling story-line.

turkish drama on urdu 15. The fate of Mustafa presents many phases in Kosem Sultan drama.

king mustafa

6. All the queens in this drama and yes, the Safiya Sultana, cruel grandmother.

safiya sultana cruel grandmother

7. The bravery and honesty in all the characters make this drama worth watching. I think it’s bigger and better than ‘Mera Sultan’.

kosem sultan or mera sultan

8. The romantic tale between Ahmed Sultan and Kosem Sultan is the another blockbuster flash.

romantic tale between kosem and ahmed

9. What about the silk gowns, jewelry and sparkling crowns?

queens in kosem sultan

10. And yes, the OST sung by the Zeb Bangash will touch your heart.

The drama is all about tale of love, hate, betrayal and sacrifices.