The versatile Hindi Medium actress, Saba Qamar is all set to feature in a biopic. This Pakistani lady has recently created a buzz in the Bollywood industry with her new movie, now she is going to play the very tough role. Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch in the biopic will tackle the social issue of honor killing.

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Qandeel Baloch’s death by his own brother was brutal and shocked every person of Pakistan. Not only she, many girls have tasted the barbaric decisions of honor killing.

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Qandeel Baloch was bold and the queen of controversies, who always managed to steal the spotlight. Recently, Saba Qamar posted some photos on Instagram, where she looked a lot like Qandeel Baloch to give her fans clue about the upcoming biopic. At that time everyone was doubtful whether she is doing the biopic or not.

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Now, we have just got confirmation and everyone is excited to see Saba Qamar as Qandeel Baloch. Talking about Qandeel, Saba said,

“Qandeel represented the double standards that exist in our society. She had the courage to expose how two-faced people could be. Qandeel was a victim and a fighter and somebody needs to tell her story. She was a woman who went from place to place trying to find work for herself. She tried to work in transport, read devotional naats on TV but wherever she went, she was misused by people. It was only much later that she chose to make videos on the Internet. And she did all this and earned money and used it to support her family. Her family didn’t have any problems taking money from her but they felt that it was all right to turn around and kill her in the name of honor.”

Isn’t she looking like QB? The big glasses, short hair and the classy attire!

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And another one!

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Saba is all set to play Qandeel and we are sure that this biopic is going to be the hit one. Well, on asking about the threats Saba may face on this biopic, she replied, “Everyone has to die someday. I’d rather die after doing something worthwhile.”

Qandeel Baloch got fame with her pictures and videos, but killed by her own brother for the sake of honor.

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According to, the cast will also include Sarmad Khoosat, Ali Kazmi and Osman Khalid Butt. Well, The cast is amazing and we really want to say best of luck to the team. Because we know you’ll rock!