Nothing can beat Pakistani dramas in terms of awesome scripts and talented actors. And to say that Sanam Baloch is one of the finest actresses in Pakistan wouldn’t be wrong at all. We have seen her giving amazing performances one after the other in her every drama serial, and we admit that she is our most favorite actress.

sanam baloch draam durre shehwar
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Now, the multifaceted actress have limited herself to only morning shows. Whether, it’s Sanam Baloch first drama, Kalaq opposite Fahad Mustafa or latest drama Teri Raza opposite Shahroz Subzwari, she has given us spellbinding performances every time.

She is doing a morning show nowadays, but we still remember her fabulous acting, she has done in the previous dramas, which proved that she is so charming. Today, we will take a look at top 10 Sanam Baloch dramas list, in which she has won our hearts with her mesmerizing act.

1. Teri Raza

‘Teri Raza’ was the comeback show of Sanam Baloch. The story revolves around a young girl Suhana, who lives in the family, where the head is Dadi and she always prefers to seek the will of Allah before taking any initiative in the life (Istekhara). Suhana is in love with Rameez, Shahroz Subzwari, who is a little flirty and wants to marry Suhana, but their life doesn’t go well as they planned. No doubt,  Sanam Baloch latest drama has wowed everyone with her character.

2. Dastaan

This was the period drama at the time of partition of India and Pakistan, based on the novel ‘Bano’ by Razia Butt. Bano (Sanam Baloch) and Hassan (Fawad Khan) fall in love together, but the partition separates them. Bano had to suffer the brutality of the Sikh, but believes that she will go to Pakistan one day. This Fawad Khan and Sanam Baloch drama Dastaan earned a lot of fame and people loved their chemistry so much. Moreover, Sanam Baloch also got an award for best actress for her breathtaking performance in this drama.

3. Durr-e-Shehwar

Durr-e-Shehwar was another example of Sanam’s acting competency. She portrays the youth of Samina Peerzada. Umera Ahmed’s fascinating script made all the actors convinced the audience with their roles. The most impressive role was of Sanam Baloch, in presenting the efforts and struggles a newlywed young bride made in order to adjust to a new home. The drama revolves around the life of an  innocent girl in her demanding susral and how she remains patient to nurture her relationship with every person.

4. Roshan Sitara

The drama talks about the sweet love story of Roshan Aara and her cousin Mansoor. Directed and written by Siraj-ul-Haq and Sarwat Nazeer, the drama has many twists and suspense, where Roshan and Mansoor will have to face hardships created by her family to be in a relationship forever.

5. Kankar

As Kiran in Kankar, Sanam portrays the journey of her character from happy, young girl to a mature and sensible housewife. The drama focuses on domestic violence and how Kiran stands up for her rights after being abused by her husband. This drama is an example for all the women there that they can achieve anything to make their life happy.

6. Akbari Asghari

Aired back in 2011, Sanam Baloch won our hearts as ‘Asghari’ in Akbari Asghari. The story of two sisters, who have spent their whole lives in abroad, but their father wants them to marry his nephews Akbar and Asghar. The two young boys live in Pakistan and have never stepped out of the country. Adapted from Urdu novel, Mirat-ul-Uroos, the story depicts that one should never judge a book by its cover.

7. Zindagi Dhoop Tum Ghana Saya

The story revolves around Hira (Sanam Baloch), whose parents died when she was a child. She has been living a tough life full of hardships, but her misery becomes over when she marries to Mazhar (Fahad Mustafa). Soon, Mazhar dies and leaves Hira again in the miserable situation. The drama offers the storyline that how much difficult it is for a young widow to live in this society.

8. Kuch Pyar Ka Paghalpan Bhi Tha

In order to live a better life, Mujtaba (Fawad Khan) movies to Turkey from Lahore to fulfill his dreams, but it becomes a worst nightmare for him. Since his childhood, Mujtaba is in love with his uncle’s daughter, Daniez but she turns out to be so arrogant instead. Happiness, sadness, turns and twists, the drama gained a lot of popularity, when Kiran (Sanam Baloch) arrives in his life.

9. Daam

In this drama, Sanam is portraying a girl, who is selfless and can do anything to support her family. It is a tale of friendship, shows that sometimes we make selfish decisions, which can make one’s life miserable. And that loss can be irreparable!

10. Doraha

Sanam Baloch has done almost every role, but the most different and clever was as Shahla in Doraha. She played a negative role in this drama, who fell in love with a married man. In this drama, she outclassed senior co-actors with her awe-inspiring performance. The shrewdness required on Sanam’s face was on the point in Doraha.