The rape of an 8 years old girl Asifa Bano in the village of Jammu & Kashmir, Kathua has made the entire country terrified. The case is still undergoing and many celebrities are coming forward to express their disgust over this shameful incident. Meanwhile, Indian celebrity and the famous tennis star Sania Mirza raised her voice against the gang rape and murder of 8 years old. On the player’s tweet, one person slammed her and questioned her nationality for marrying a Pakistani, but Sania Mirza’s Furious Response to a Twitter User deserves a round of applause.

Indian tennis star sania mirza

Initially, she shared a picture of The New York Times headline that how people are playing the politics on the basis of religion

Sania Mirza’s Furious Response to a Twitter User

She also shared that justice needs to be done asap

sania mirza tweet on 8 years old girl rape

On the other hand, a Twitter user, Kichu Kannan Namo, who called himself as an Indian and a social media coordinator for Indian party BJP gave a reply to Sania’s tweet that she hasn’t any right to speak on any Indian matter as she’s married to a Pakistani.

sania mirza slammed a twitter user

Sania Mirza’s furious reply to that so called Indian was a perfect shut up call because she lives in India and she truly represents her country no matter her husband is Pakistani.

tennis player sania mirza tweets

Whether you are a Pakistani or Indian, a Muslim or a Hindu, one must not argue on any religion, caste or country.

More power to you Sania bhabhi!