Any commercial motor vehicle”, a self-propelled or towed vehicle used on a public highway in interstate commerce to transport passengers or property needs durability and transparency to be sold in the market. LKWFEE has been buying trucks for you for years. We are active throughout Germany and know the different facets. That is why we buy your truck even if it has serious defects. Whenever purchasing any vehicle, there must be transparency and experienced staff to tackle disorders and figure out ways to build authenticity for customers. We not only purchase your commercial vehicles but also add innovation in them for future use, support you with fair prices and flexibility in orders. We are here to add self-sufficiency and make your burden reduced by the provision of legal ways in selling your commercial vehicle and by giving output to you to help you have a secure future.

Commercial Vehicles Purchasing Diversity:

  While dealing in this diversified world and with the most latest technology, we offer the best services in town related to commercial vehicles. Our dealings include to sell trucks / lkw verkaufen having two different domains of dimensions.

l Trucks up to7.5t 

This includes, for example, various vans, box vans (also as Maxi), tippers, buses, 3-sided tippers and flatbeds, and tarpaulins

l Trucks over 7.5t

Sell Mobile Home

This includes flatbeds and tarpaulins, box trucks, tow trucks, and 3-sided suitcases

In addition to various types of trucks, we also offer the purchase of mobile homes and the purchase of a wide variety of other commercial vehicles. You can Sell Mobile Homes / wohnmobil verkaufen to us. You can easily specify the vehicle type in your request so that we can better assign and evaluate your vehicle. This enables our community to rely on us and further, the diversity of dealings help us grow more.

Benefits of selling Commercial Vehicles to us:

      Providing unique and sustainable approaches to grow, Sell Commercial Vehicles / nutzfahrzeuge verkaufen or deal with us, we work to make everything efficient and easy for our community. Here are few features that holds our customers:

Ø Versatility of commercial vehicles – all in one platform

Ø the non-binding inquiry via our self-explanatory inquiry form

Ø a quick and free evaluation of your commercial vehicle

Ø the Germany-wide collection

Ø the truck purchase of any vehicle, regardless of make, year of construction, mileage and defects

Ø a safe and fast purchase: we will be happy to pay you the purchase price in cash or pay the amount to your bank

Ø Durability in dealings

Ø Fast and reliable support, offering services 7 days

Ø Simple inquiry system for a free assessment of your truck.

Ø Digital accessibility, providing you a reliable source to get information easily and immediately

Ø Based on information provided by you, fair offers offered by our experts

Special Features to Feast your eyes:

 Any reliable platform provides the chance to customers to avail every service digitally and physically. We are a renowned vehicle selling platform in Germany, providing ways and offers that help our customers grow. We are experienced trucking experts and would be happy to collect your vehicle safely and personally on site.

· Our administrative dept. or experts will check out the information provided by you, do inquiry on that and create offers for you with no obligation to accept and easy inquiry form is available on the website to check out. 

· We have the best deals and 100% customer satisfaction. We are available for you 24/7 to make your product look antique and long lasting.

· Further, last but not least, we offer to purchase a seriously defective vehicle. Vehicles that may even have severe defects such as engine damage, gearbox damage or cylinder head damage, or that is an accident vehicle or one that no longer has a TÜV approval are acceptable by us in a legal way. We at Lkwfee buy every truck throughout Germany – regardless of the condition and manufacturer.

                It’s your time to avail the offer of having an authentic platform, on your single click. You just have to send us a non-binding inquiry using our online form and we will evaluate your vehicle free of charge and send you a fair offer within 24 hours of your inquiry . Avail this offer and in very reliable offers, get a chance to sell your commercial vehicle, easily and legally.