The king of bollywood industry who is famous for his romantic movies in all around the world is about to turn 50 on nov 2 has announced his new plans after his birthday. Like all other bollywood khans he is also getting younger and younger by the time and as people assume that the aged stars are going to slow down their work to take some rest, stars are coming with the opposite strategy.

Resolution Of King Khan.


Shahrukh has told about his plan of doing three movies a year after turning 50. The Khan is famous for doing something different in every movie but sometimes he fails to deliver what he can. He said that he was quite lazy in 2015 and the year before as he has only done one movie in it. He added:

“I want to do as many films as I can before I die.”

Upcoming movie.


The new movie of king khan which is about to release on dec 18 ‘dilwale’ is his most awaited movie. It is because that he is coming with Kajol and their pair is most popular in terms of romance. He was saying these things on the sets of dilwale with a few media representatives. He also added:

“It has been four to five years that I have become a producer more than an actor. We made ‘chennai express’, ‘om shanti om’ and ‘happy new year’. These three movies have taken a lot of time. I thought during the last year that I am not doing as much movies as I can actually do. I am feeling lazy for doing only movie a year. “

Heart, Physical Capability and Money.

The star who is famous to come up with the same style as a romantic hero wants to do some different roles in the age of 50 to 55. He said that:

“aik movie man k liye krna chahta hu, aik dhan k liye or aik tan k liye”

The star wants to do movies for his heart, money and physical capability. The star is interested to do 15 different kind of movies in his next 5 years of life rather than coming up in the same roles for his audience.

SRK/ Kajol.

srk kajol dilwale

The star cast of dilwale is busy in completing the shooting of the movie at Hydrabad. The famous couple was also seen while shooting a romantic song or scene in an Iceland which has actually made this movie the most awaited in all sense.

We wish him all the best for his upcoming projects.