Former Australian spinner who is a legend himself has recently targeted the former captain and the legendary player of Australian cricket team Steve Waugh. This was the most shocking discovery for the whole cricketing world as Shane Warne has played under the captaincy of Steve for years. He labeled the former cricketer with ‘the most selfish cricketer ever’.

Where did Shane Warne Say that.

Shane Warna hates Steve Waugh

Shane Warne was invited in a show named as “I am a celebrity, Get me Out of here”. It was just a television show, not a show based upon cricket.

The shocking incident told by the spinner.

Disappointment of Shane Warne

Shane Watson gave an example for hating Steve Waugh from the history of cricket. He highlighted an incident when they were playing against West Indies in 1999, under the captaincy of Steve.

He said that the test series between Australia and West Indies was on. Australia was losing the series by 1-2. The performance of Shane was not that impressive in the previous tests, the team for the very last needed to be decided.

The 46 years-old leg spinner said that:

“One thing that was very annoying for me was the one test, I was dropped from. At that time we needed to win that match to win the series. It was the right of Captain, Vice Captain, Coach and Selection committee to decide who is going to play and who is not.”

According to shane Warne, he was dropped just because Steve didn’t want him to play that test.

What did Steve Waugh Say to Shane Warne.

shane warne and steve waugh

While selecting the team, Shane Warne was asked to come and Steve Waugh said this to him:

“You are not playing, Warne said ‘what?’ Steve said you are not playing, Warne asked then what should be the team be? Steve said ‘I am the captain and I am telling you that you are not playing and that’s it.”

Shane Warne said that he hates Steve Waugh for many other reasons and I find him the most selfish player in the history of cricket.

Australia Lost the Match.

shane warne and steve waugh

Shane Warne also told in the show that Australian team lost that match. He was dropped from the team that he took just 2 wickets. It seemed like that the captain thought that the bad performance was only his fault. According to him he was made the scapegoat.

Shane Warne said that he can give many other examples from the matches of cricket, in which Steve Waugh has taken many selfish decisions.

Disappointment of Shane Warne.

steve waugh about shane warne

Shane Warne got very disappointed after being dropped from the team. It was because he didn’t get any satisfying answer for being dropped from the team. If Steve would have told the logical reason to him then he must have not said like that. This and many other incidents made him hate the former captain of the Australian cricket team, who was a very successful captain of his times.

He said:

“I don’t like Steve Waugh due to many other reasons”.