“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.” – Mignon McLaughlin

From actors to sports players to VJs, many celebrity couple has gone through the divorce and this is overtaking the entertainment industry. Getting married or getting divorced is everyone’s personal decision, but married life is really a blessing. There are many couples who weren’t able to save their marriages and things didn’t work out properly between two people. Every person has a right to save the happiness of life and at least try to save the marriage once, twice or thrice. We all know that every relationship doesn’t have a happy ending, some relations go strong for years and some sadly in fights and tears, we call it a life.

Here are some of the most shocking breakups and divorces of Pakistani stars, leaving us disappointed.

Mahira Khan and Ali Askari

mahira khan shocking divorce
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The couple got married in 2007 and had a baby boy named Azlan. Mahira Khan got divorced from her husband Ali Askari few years back. After some time they both were spotted in a family wedding and people think they are still in a relationship, but they only got together for their son. After divorce, the 31 years old actress revealed that she has moved on to her mother’s residence along with her son.

Abid Ali and Humaira Chaudhary

Abid Ali, the famous actor of our showbiz and Humaira Chaudhary were married, but after Abid tied knot with actor Rabia Noreen, Humaira left Abid. They have 3 children together. It is certainly the most shocking divorce in Pakistani showbiz.

Second wife Rabia

Pakistani divorces
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Humaira with daughters

Shocking Breakups And Divorces of Pakistani Stars
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Tennis Player Aisam ul Haq and Faha Makhdoom

Aisam ul Haq tied knot in 2011 with Faha Makhdoom and broke many hearts. It was an amazing wedding and the whole Pakistan enjoyed watching it on T.V. They were really an adorable and happy couple who looked like a perfect match for each other, but unfortunately, it became really shocking for everyone when they got separated after a very less time of their wedding. This divorce was among those Pakistani famous celebrities that shocked us a lot.

aisam faha- ngagement
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Shamoon Abbasi and Humaima Malik/Javeria Abbasi

Shamoon was married to Javeria. It was a lovely couple. They also have a daughter.

divorces of famous stars
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Shamoon then got married to ‘Bol’ star Humaima Malik. They tied the knot in 2010 but just after 2 years, they filed for divorce in 2012 and got separated. Humayun Saeed’s scandal with Humaima played a great role in the divorce.

Now he has a third wife.

Azfar Ali and Salma Hussain

Azfar had a love marriage with Salma while working together in “Sub Set Hai” and “Ab Set Hai”. Even after the marriage, they made many appearances on the TV together. Salma Hassan once said in an interview that her worst nightmare would be to get cheated on by her husband, but her fear became reality. They have a little daughter together, but after 6 years of marriage Azfar divorced Salma and married Naveen Waqar from Humsafar. It was a very controversial marriage because the backlash by the people was so strong that Naveen and Azfar went into hiding for almost a year.

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Veena Malik and Babrik Shah

Veena and Babrik were the famous lovebirds of our industry, but after some time they decided to end their relationship. Though it was very shocking for all of us, but Veena moved on pretty quickly and had an affair with Asif. Now she is married to Asad Bashir and they have a son together. Veena Malik is one of those Pakistani celebrities who were in scandals, scandals and scandals. Her breakup was not pretty at all.

veena malik affairs
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Arij Fatima and Faraz

This was another recent wedding, which ended with a divorce only within a few days. It’s shocking, but it is true, Showbiz’s most talented and stylish actress Arij Fatyma and her husband Faraz called it a quit. Arij happily informed her fans of her engagement on social media by posting pictures, and after some days she posted pictures of her nikkah. She made everyone shocked when she announced about her divorce after two weeks of her nikkah. She said, “I’d like to tell my fans that my relationship ended just within two weeks. It was nobody’s fault, but there were differences between the families. It was better to end it right now then have issues after rukhsati.” She knew that people will make assumptions about her divorce so she openly said everything she wanted to. She wrote, “Please don’t jump to conclusions or say that it was an impulsive move because I myself know that when relations end, it’s not a good thing. But of course, there must be a good reason for it.”

Arij Fatima and Faraz
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The celebrities tend to keep their fans updated on social networking websites, but you will see their shocking separation through the same websites too. Therefore, fans are much involved in  the personal life of these celebrities.