In case you’re harmed and are battling to remain above your financial crises, personal injury loans can help you regain financial independence.
Tribeca Lawsuit Loans offers Nationwide financing to plaintiffs that include the following: 

  • Assault & Battery
  • Birth Injury
  • Burn Injury
  • Car Accident Loans
  • Dog Bite 
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Nursing Home Neglect & Abuse
  • Slip/Trip and Fall
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Wrongful Death

If the mishap was not that upsetting enough, there are chances that your lawsuit is leaving you helpless if your damages put you out of work. The salary you rely upon to help yourself and your family is no longer there.

The bills keep accumulating, and your choices for help will become restricted. Looking for help, you call your legal counselor and he consoles you that he will win the claim. While you’re happy to hear the uplifting news, the lawyer determined that in order to win your settlement it will take quite a while.

What to do in this kind of situation?

Who would you be able to go to when your funding choices are restricted and your case is months from being settled? The appropriate response is to meet all the requirements for a trustworthy personal injury funding company.

Personal injury loans give you a bit of settlement instead of making you wait for your case to get settled.  

There are numerous reasons why this financial tool is useful. The following are 5 primary reasons why using personal injury loans is an easy method to recover your financial stability only in the case if you’re harmed and need money now.

5 Reasons that You Should Consider Applying for Personal Injury Settlement Loans:

1. Personal injury settlement loans qualifications are basic

In case you’re injured because of the gross carelessness of another person, you will automatically qualify for injury pre-settlement loans. The main factors that check towards approval have to do with the realities of your case and nothing else. By hiring a lawyer is also essential before getting affirmed for funding.

2. Applying takes minutes with zero paperwork

You can have the most noticeably terrible credit on the planet and still get money before your personal injury case is settled or won. There is no income verification, credit checks or any other paperwork to fill. All the work is done between your lawyer and the funding company.

3. Applying for injury loans is absolutely risks-free

Personal injury settlement loan advances require zero payments until your case settles. In case you’re utilizing a lawsuit funding company, they will never request an up-front fee or regular monthly payments.

At Fortress Legal Funding, we make it a step further and ask that you pay back cash to us if you win your case. If you fail to win a lawsuit, you will owe us nothing in return.

4. Regain financial independence and pay your bills

Getting injured in an accident can interfere with your work and your ability to have stability in financial independence. An injury loan will assist you by recovering financially and pay the bills you had.

Whether its car installments, school supplies or lease, individual damage advance will assist you with taking care of them. Actually, you are allowed to go through the cash as you wish – there are zero surprises.

5. Maximize your case value with the help of injury loans

Personal injury loans will engage you by permitting to dismiss low-ball offers from insurance agencies. With the begging of the lawsuit, insurance agencies toss low-ball settlement offers hopes into desperate plaintiffs who will accept it.

This is the manner by which insurance agencies exploit and take advantage financially struggling plaintiffs. You should not fall for the manipulation tricks. Injury loans will assist you through the entirety of the lawsuit that claims without giving up the estimation of your case.

2 Steps to Take Before Applying for personal injury lawsuit funding:

In case you’re determined to get personal injury lawsuit funding, there are a couple of things you should know before reaching Fortress Legal Funding to get the procedure off. 

 1.) Discuss the method of acquiring funding in your case with your lawyer.

You have to ensure that your legal counselor is eager to help you out injury lawsuit funding companies like Fortress Legal Funding.  Some personal injury law offices don’t help out funding companies because of different reasons. 

Knowing whether your legal counselor would be available to work with Fortress Legal Funding and could spare time for you. In this case, Nova won’t have the option to favor you for funding—regardless of how extraordinary your case may be. 

2.) Estimate the measure of funds you require.

For being cheap, you should restrict the measure of funding you apply for. While the funding amount you qualify may be exceptionally high because of the estimation of your case, you should just take as much as you need.

This will prevent you from paying interest on your money which you didn’t require in any case. Nova urges offended parties to get minimal measure of personal injury lawsuit funding you can get.

Get Started Today with personal injury cash advance

When you’ve followed the above steps and are ready to start simply fill out Nova’s rapid and simple funding application. Getting a personal injury loan in your case has never been simpler. 

Nova’s procedure is paperless and requires no upfront payment, no credit checks or business confirmation. Since your damage case is the only thing that is in any way important, your own accounts are not a factor in our decision making. 

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