We, the Pakistanis are very lucky that we can enjoy the four seasons every year. The foods, occasions, clothes and the different atmosphere are just amazing. In every season, we love and hate some things like in summers; Pakistanis face the immense load shedding, but love to eat the mangoes. In winters, everyone wants to enjoy the dry fruits and the foggy nights along with their loved ones. Wait a second, do you hate anything about winters Pakistan? Most people do!

There are many situations everyone wants to get rid of in winters Pakistan because some things are meant to be hated just like to take bath with cold water… So want to know about more situations? Read the points given below!

1. Dryness, patches and the rough skin are the weird signs of winters Pakistan.

dry skin in winters pakistan

2. When you see everywhere the waste of dry fruits like peanuts, pistachios and walnuts.

dry fruits in winters

3. When you went to take a shower and open the tap, but unfortunately the cold water comes out of it. Face Palm!

cold shower in winters

4. No gas in winters Pakistan, so no chance to enjoy in front of the heater.

no gas in pakistan

5. When you can’t drive cheerily because too much fog won’t let you to do it.

driving in fog

6. When teas and coffees in winter season don’t remain hot for more than 5 minutes.

winter season

7. And you hate to dry your hair after shower, but you have to do it to feel warm.

hair dry

8. The flu, cough and fever are the favorite stuff of winters, but you actually hate them.

flu in pakistan

9. You can’t go out without covering your head; otherwise it will give you a headache.

winter season in pakistan

10. And yes, you hate to wear too much clothes in winters Pakistan.

warm clothes in winters

Do you agree? 😀