She is young, passionate, confident, gorgeous and always managed to surprise everyone with her theatrical performances one after the other. Starting her career from the drama serial ‘Saat Pardon Mein’, Sohai Ali Abro has wowed us with her surprisingly amazing persona. Born in 1994, she has given us impeccable performances and with her every new venture, she’s proved to just get better and better. Recently, she did her drama serial ‘Adhi Gawahi’ opposite to Azfar Rehman and got so much appreciation from the audience. Now we’re unable to deny the fact that she has the potential to influence everyone with her style and expressions.

Be it her first drama or the latest one, her fans are in awe of her presence. So have a look at Sohai Ali Abro dramas list that you’d love to watch right now. Don’t forget to appreciate her mesmerizing performance!

1. Adhi Gawahi

Adhi Gawahi is Sohai Ali Abro’s latest drama, which revolves around the sensitive issues of Nikah and divorce and how such issues shouldn’t be taken for granted. With the excellent script, great cast and amazing love triangle that exists between Salwa (Sohai Ali Abro), Chaudhry Hamdan (Azfar Rehman), Saad (Ali Josh) and Soha (Uzma Khan), the story depicts how an assumed act of Nikah between Salwa and Hamdan makes everyone run for life. Salwa, Saad, and Hamdan are university friends, where Saad and Salwa are cousins and like each other. On the day of their wedding, Hamdan approaches everyone with some proofs to show that he and Salwa are already in Nikah and he is her mahram. What comes next is purely the battle between truth and regret.

2. Pyarey Afzal

Pyarey Afzal is one of the greatest and the best dramas in the Pakistani television history. Directed and written by Nadeem Baig and Khalil-ur-Rehman, this drama shows you a heart touching story about a guy’s struggle for her love. He is a carefree and only son of Maulvi Subhanallah, who falls in love with a rich man’s daughter Farah (Ayeza Khan), where Yasmeen (Sohai Ali Abro) is seen as a daughter of landlady who eventually falls in love with Afzal, when he comes to live in a rented room with Babu Hameed (Alie Sheikh) in Karachi. This romantic drama of Ayeza Khan, Sohai Ali Abro, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sana Javed gained massive popularity and known as a first TV serial, whose last episode was screened in various cinemas.

3. Tanhai

Aired in 2013, Tanhai is the drama serial directed by Fahim Burney and penned down by Sarwat Nazeer. Starring none other than Sohai Ali Abro as Jia, Ayesha Omar as Arzoo, Azfar Rehman as Mohsin and Goher Mumtaz as Faiz in leads, the drama talks about the story of independent woman Arzoo who is married to Faiz, but always wanted to live to be a working lady, not a mother. One day she meets Mohsin and left her husband and two kids behind to marry him as he promises her to give everything she wants. On the other hand, the story shifts towards the brokenhearted Faiz whose mother Saba Hameed chooses middle-class girl Jia for her and realizes on the first night of marriage that her husband has already two kids. Tanhai seriously draws attention to the fact that money can’t bring you all the happiness you want in your life as pure relationships should be there too.

4. Khoya Khoya Chand

Khoya Khoya Chaand was based on the Faiza Iftikhar’s novel ‘Yeh Lamhay Tere Naam Karien’ and features Ahsan Khan, Yasir Shah, Sohai Ali Abro and Maya Ali in the lead roles. Arib (Ahsan Khan) falls madly in love with Ahmareen (Maya Ali) but forced to marry her sister Angabeen (Sohai Ali Abro) because of her mother’s failing health. He also discovers that Ahmareen is a younger sister of his wife and on the other hand Angabeen is equally unhappy with the marriage as she likes her cousin Farooq (Yasir Shah) who is unable to marry her because of family problems. However, as time goes, they accept each other and decide to have their first baby, but here comes a tragic incident which changes everyone’s life in a second.

5. Saat Pardon Mein

Directed by Yasir Nawaz, Saat Pardon Mein is a romantic and fantasy drama serial features Sohai Ali Abro, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Qaiser Khan Nizamani. Saat Pardon Mein is the very first drama of Abro who was seen portraying the role of Darakshande Babar who lives in a fantasy and is madly in love with the well-known drama actor Ahsan Murad (Mikaal). Darakshande belongs to a very conservative family and always faces restrictions from her father and big brother. She is beautiful and young and has a world of her own dreams and even ready to run away from her home to find her true love, Ahsan Murad. The drama depicts the story of the young generation having their own fantasy especially girls who shows obsession towards their favorite actor/actress or also any other person in their real life without knowing them properly.

6. Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se

The drama is produced by Momina Duraid having brilliant star cast that includes Sohai Ali Abro, Yumna Zaidi, Ali Rehman Khan, Irsa Ghazal, Mehmood Aslam, and Jahanzaib. The drama story is all about the traditional and loving family of Jahan Ara and Abdul Manan, where ladies aren’t allowed to socialize much and watching TV, dancing, singing or breaking any tradition seems as a shameful behavior. In this environment, Gaiti chooses to become a musician but her mother convinces her to get married to a very rich guy Arsal. Upon hearing that her ideal Rahat Fateh Ali Khan is coming to the city, Gaiti decides to go for the audition. Unfortunately, her Nikkah falls around the same day and time when she was required to be there for the program. Anyhow, she leaves her Nikkah and her mother compels Gaiti’s younger sister to have her spot.

7. Tumhari Natasha

It’s always a pleasure watching Sohai and Azfar Reman sharing the screen together. Tumhari Natasha is another famous drama of Sohai Ali Abro, a little girl of a businessman Afnan Adil and Dur-e-Shahwar, who has everything in her life one could wish for except the one thing that she always desires to see her parents happy. An absence of bliss and love among her parents always leads Natasha to adore her friend Sumbal’s parents who have made their home a complete blessing with their love, respect, and mutual care. The drama shows the twists and turns when Natasha needs to choose between her mother and father after their separation.

8. De Ijazat Jo Tu

Starring none other than Farhan Saeed and Sohai Ali Abro, De Ijazat Jo Tu is a love story of the two. The drama shows us the loss, love and the mother relationship with her only child and the hardships that came into Ayma’s life after the death of her loving husband. She is forced to leave her in laws house and later Ayma joins a company to look after her daughter. Being a widower, her boss proposes her which she accepts, but faces the severe backlash from her daughter. The drama sheds the light on a mother who has to choose between her new husband and a daughter.

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Now, we’re waiting to see Sohai in her next project. More power to you lady!