Sohai Ali Abro’s Motorcycle Girl all about the first Pakistani woman, Zenith Irfan, who made a solo journey throughout the northern areas of the country on a motorcycle. The film is directed by Adnan Sarwar under the banner of Logos Films, the company behind the famous Pakistani biopic Shah in 2015.

sohai ali abro's biopic motorcycle girl
Source: Youtube

The ‘Motorcycle Girl’ is breaking all the stereotypes and based on 20 year old girl, who got worldwide attention by riding alone on two wheels and covered by publications such as CNN and New York Times.

Recently, we saw the ‘Motorcycle Girl’ trailer and in no time, it made all the people excited

You will see the beautiful landscape scenes, amazing performances of actors and the theme, which focuses on the women empowerment.

The wonderful trailer focuses on different issues that every woman living in our society faces. From facing criticism over riding a bike to women’s freedom, Sohai (Zenith) will be breaking boundaries to fulfill her father’s dream to travel from Lahore to Khunjerab on a motorcycle.

biopic motorcycle girl
Source: Youtube

Moreover, Sohai Ali’s Motorcycle Girl beautiful track ‘URR CHALAY’, sung by Ali Noor makes you feel totally tremendous. Overall, the trailer and the track shows joy, determination and excitement, that will urge you to explore the whole country.

The film is all set to release on 20th April, which will definitely leave you wanting more and more.