So, I want to start this article by saying, I am not fat. Even I am not skinny like stick too. This article is all about the skinny people and the problems they face in their daily routine when people say, get some meat on your bones. Yes, that ‘meat’ everyone deserves to some extent on their body. Aside of being told that you need some meat, being compared to toothpicks, sticks and many other stuff is also included.

There are a variety of struggles and other problems only naturally skinny people can understand. And trust me these struggles are real. Get ready to encounter!

1. Being told all the time, You need to eat something. Or don’t you eat? And in reality, you eat…all the time.

naturally skinny people

2. Every person tends to tell you, see it’s not fair to be so skinny.

not fair to be skinny

3. People compare you with a skeleton. Seriously disgusting!

skinny person as skeleton

4. When all the people tell you that see we can count your ribs. Do you?

count the ribs

5. Hooks, belts are the future of skinny people in the world. For boys and girls both..

skinny people problems

6. Always being told that you eat like a bird. So is that the reason you are unable to gain weight. Well, how to convince them that you can’t gain weight no matters how much portion you eat. Blah!

eat like birds

7. People are always cracking jokes on you that you will blow away in the wind. HAHAHAHA NO!

blow away with wind

8. OMG! You have an eating disorder. Seriously lame remark people use for the skinny people.

eating disorders

9. Many people want to watch you eating, just to make sure how much you eat.

skinny people struggles

10. People always think to pick you up only to check your weight.

wants to pick you up

11. Hugging? Not really! Because people saying that they’re scared to hug you because they might break you.

hug probelms for skinny people

12. And the fact is you are skinny and you are not going to gain weight ever. So keep your mouth shut!

skinny girl