Did you hear that Taher Shah makes his acting debut in first Pakistan’s online movie ‘Oye Kuch Kar Guzar’? Well, the man famous for his songs and videos had set screen on fire with a cameo appearance in the Pakistani movie. There is nothing that Taher Shah can’t do and this time, we will see this pop sensation in a different avatar.

His first appearance in song Eye to Eye was the treat for his fans across the globe. The video of Taher Shah reveals the vicious background and he is giving us some love goals by acting as a love guru. Shah is sitting on a chair with the beautiful white cat in his arms.

taher shah in debut movie

Taher Shah As Love Guru In First Online Movie ‘Oye Kuch Kar Guzar’

In Kuch Kar Guzar online movie, this mankind angel is sending a message to young people struggling for true love in this world. Acting like a king, he is seen in the royal golden dress and giving everyone message in the typical Urdu language. In this movie, Ali Safina, Ushna Shah and Uzair Jaswal will be also seen in central roles.

Taher Shah is very much famous for his songs and his last project was Angel song, had given some similar message just like the present one. “Angel is not just about a purple robe, a blonde-wig baby and of course, an angel. It’s about loneliness, love and children,” Shah wrote on his blog earlier, referring to the song he released in April, 2016. “Like all of you humans are like ‘angels,’ I am also like an ‘angel’.” – The Express Tribune

oye kuch kar guzar taher shah

Trailer Of Taher Shah Acting Debut Pakistani Movie

If you are struggling to find your true love then must see the trailer. Decide yourself whether Taher Shah is up to everyone’s expectations in his new online movie or not.