Living in Pakistan, we can make any occasion special by Tempting Pakistani Desserts. The occasions like Eid, birthday, wedding, pre wedding party, a post wedding party, a baby shower, an anniversary or any special day, you can’t enjoy well without some Desi and sweet dishes. Yes, those chocolate cakes and custard dish are just amazing, but you know what you are actually looking for.

Nothing can beat the tempting Pakistani desserts like Kheer, Gajar ka Halwa and Jalebiyan. Pakistani sweets are mainly made of sugar and milk and everyone knows that our meal can’t be complete without some sort of sweet. So to get more temptation, read this article and know about the 10 tempting Pakistani desserts that give you a tour of the country.

1. Gajar Ka Halwa

The Gajar ka Halwa is one of the most tempting Pakistani desserts, every desi person loves to eat. It is particularly the famous sweet dish for winters and known as the well cooked dessert with the crux of carrots, milk and sugar. This dessert is served with the almonds or pistachios on the top and some really desi people love to eat it with a layer of thick cream. Yummy!

tempting pakistani desserts2. Kheer

The popular sub-continent dessert and the famous for the tempting Pakistani desserts, Kheer. People prepare it for any occasion, especially for Eid. With the blend of rice, milk, sugar, ghee and khoya, this dessert holds the special tradition of our people. There are many variations of Kheer like Firni and Gajrela, so don’t wait and make your mood for this delicious Kheer with the toppings of dry fruits.

kheer sweet dish

3. Gulab Jamuns

Do the sweet and sugary little brown balls with amazing and tempting looks need any introduction? You can’t get rid of the taste once you eat them, especially the warm one. The celebrations in Pakistan doesn’t complete without some sort of Gulab Jamuns. So prepare your mouth to handle these sweet and syrupy balls!

dessert gulab jamuns of pakistan4. Zarda

One of the luscious and tempting Pakistani desserts also include the yellowish food, Zarda is the mixture of yellow food color, milk, sugar and dry fruits of your taste. This rice dish is very famous for celebrations, especially on wedding events because we Desi people can’t satisfy without some sweet dish after food. No doubt, we love rice!

sweet zarda rice5. Jalebi

Jalebi is the traditional dish of Indian-Subcontinent, Middle East and also North Africa. Having the amazing pretzel shape, this sweet dish will coddle you in its mouthwatering taste. It is made from wheat, yeast, sugar, water, soda and food color, give you the crispy taste from outside and sweet and chewy taste inside, this dessert has an ultimate out of the world flavor. Can be enjoyed any time, go and get a recipe!

famous pakistani sweet jalebi

6. Sohn Halwa

The traditional sweet of Pakistan is the pure legacy of city Multan, was evolved in 1700s. Made from the mixture of water, milk, sugar and saffron, having the yummiest brown or caramel color. You can get this tempting dessert in different packages and deals, but everyone just wants the original and true taste of Multani Sohn Halwa. So go to Multan and must visit Hafiz Halwa Shop for the original and tempting Sohn Halwa.

multani sohn halwa

7. Ras Malai

The innovative dessert, derived from the Rasgulla sweet is none other than Ras Malai, which is originated in the North-East subcontinent and also popular in Pakistan, India and other parts. The white and springy balls, soaked in sweetened milk is what everyone want after the spicy food. The velvety cooked balls can then be served with almonds and pistachio. People love to eat it any time because these are really the stuff, anyone can demand for. The main ingredients of this dessert are milk, egg, baking powder, dry milk and ghee.

ras malai dessert8. Falooda

The contemporary version of Persian dessert, also known as Faloodeh, brought to the Asian continent during Mughal dynasty. You can prepare it in your kitchen with the vermicelli, rose water, fruits and some scoops of kulfa. Desi people just love to have it any time, especially the elder ones, because this dessert gives the melt-in-mouth quality.

pakistani falooda sweet dish

9. Sheer Khurma

Famous to make on Eid, The Sheer Khurma is the traditional and famous sweet dish of Pakistan, prepared especially before the Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha for the breakfast. One can’t be happy on these occasions without this tempting dessert. It can be made with the milk, sugar, vermicelli, dry fruits, ghee and the fragrant stuff you want. It is definitely the highlight you just can’t afford to miss!

sheer khurma for eid

10. Kulfa

The creamy, lovely, delicious and frozen dessert of Pakistan is Kulfa, which has introduced in many flavors and trendy taste. The Kulfa is made up of sweetened, flavored milk with the other common stuff. You will be glad to taste the variations in Kulfa like almonds, saffron, pistachios, khoya and also cardamom. Make sure to eat delicious kulfa this summer!

kulfa famous dessert of pakistan