As most of us will testify, life as a nurse can be difficult. We’re not talking about the day-to-day rigors here which everyone is fully aware of, but more the behind the scenes nature of the job. The long, sometimes unsociable hours, and the financial strains that many of us have to go through.

This is why today’s round-up has been put onto the site. Whether you are in-training or now in the world of full-time work, this collection of infographics is designed to open your eyes to the current housing situation – and show how you can move without adding undue amounts of stress onto your body.

Are you moving to the right place?

There’s a subliminal message with this next suggestion – make sure you are moving to the right place. This infographic just shows some of the “oldest” states in the country, but this should be enough to show you that you really need to dig into the statistics of an area before making your move.

In some of the examples shown in this infographic, the median age of a city can be higher than 66. Suffice to say, if you are looking for that optimum work-life balance, statistics like this might not work for you.

Source: Towncare Dental

How to make moving easier for the kids

For those of you with children, this next infographic is for you. We’ve already talked about the stresses of moving, and this infographic looks at how you can reduce the S-word on the little people in your household.

Some of the suggestions are utterly simple – but many of us forget about them in the hustle and bustle of a house or apartment move.

Source: Rentec Direct

How to declutter ahead of your house move

Something that has been ridiculously prevalent in the media over the last few years has been the art of decluttering. Its origins apparently lead back to Japan but suffice to say, when it comes to moving home, this is quite a big deal.

Rather than focus on the topic of decluttering as a whole, this infographic looks at how you can declutter ahead of moving home. In other words, it’s utterly relevant, and another great way to reduce stress as you make your move.

Source: Bournes Moves

The money-saving guide to moving

We couldn’t find the original source for this next infographic, but it has been republished at and we’re pretty grateful for that.

Moving home is an expensive business. Much of today has looked at how you can eliminate stress from your move but in truth, a lot of this stress comes from the ridiculous number of expenses that arise from moving (which don’t include that initial purchase price, we should add). This infographic breaks things down and also shows how you can save some money as you move as well.

Source: (secondary)

The ultimate guide to packing

Returning to the main subject of stress, let’s now present an infographic based on how you can pack efficiently.

There will be occasions where you just want to throw everything into a suitcase, and hope for the best. This infographic instead provides some hard and fast tips that you can turn to instead, which will make your packing much, much easier.

Source: (secondary)