The best relation in many is none other than our Desi Buddies without whom we cannot imagine to spend our time. We always share our good and bad things with our buddies, but when its time to arrange holidays with them, all the things will change automatically. This time these buddies will act that these are one of the most “kameene” people in the world.

Don’t worry whether your family is coming with you or not, your friends will be there through thick and thin. So look at your calendar because the countdown has begun. Here we have collected 10 things happen when you go for vacations with your Desi awesome buddies.

1. When we decided to go for vacations with our Desi Buddies, we don’t prepare too much because we know that these preparations will automatically take place before 2 days of going.

vacation with our desi buddies

2. Buddies don’t care what to wear and what not, because we know that on vacations, we are definitely going to exchange all the stuffs so no need to pack too many bags.

no tension what to wear

3. There will be proper arguments in the bus that this seat is mine and this is mine.

arguments on seat

4. They don’t care what to eat and what not, all they want is to do fun all the time by listening songs, playing antaakshari and making fun of each other.

doing fun everytime

5. The friends don’t care about the hotel stay, even they can live in any cheap and strange hotel. Because their ultimate goals is to do fun in a lower budget.

enjoy on lower budget

6. The chaddi baddi friend will decide to see each and every corner of the new place just like a day for river rafting, hiking or bonfire will be the best.

vacation with your best friends

7. To play truth and dare is the most common game among the friends.

truth and dare on vacations

8. Haye yar kitna maza hai idhar, next year bhi plan Karen gen holidays. This sort of discussion will be there when you go for vacations with your Desi buddies.

awesome discussions at vacations

9. Analyzing everyone, especially the couples by saying, “hayee kash mera bhi jaldi honeymoon aye”.

thoughts on vacations

10. Selfies and funny pictures will be there, because DSLR friend is with you.

pose for picture