We sometimes get annoyed when our mothers constantly taunt us on certain things or use some phrases in public that might embarrass us, but we do not realize the love behind those taunts and sarcasm. Desi mothers, often say such things that make you go saying ‘What’, ‘Really’, ‘Hain’, but these are too awesome to listen to. They usually come up with huge numbers of taunts and sometimes crazy abuses that make us laugh so hard. Well, we should agree that all the moms are awesome, doesn’t matter what they say, because we know that our mothers have lovely intentions in their mind for us.

They are over protective, traditional and won’t spare you ever in case you have done something against her. There are a few sayings of Desi mothers that I am sure every one of us can relate to.

Desi Moms
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“Tor do, tor do”.

If you break something in the house, you will hear a voice even though no one is in sight. That voice of our desi mother asking us to break everything left in the house too. Of course she does not mean that, remember she’s being sarcastic. Do not, I repeat, do not fall for it. And the best one when you break a glass, “tor do, jb tumharay susral walay ayen gy to un ko paani lotay mai pilau gi”.

Next time, use the steel waale bartan, so that you can live freely!

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The wrong time.

In the 20 years of my life I did not get the idea of waking up someone by telling the wrong time. My mother always wakes me up saying “itna time hogya hay, isi liay motay hotay ho. Dekho 3 baj rahe hain”, but it’s never 3 on the clock. Isn’t it a cute gesture? Yes, to some extent. Desi mothers really say the impossible things – but you gotta love ‘em!

desi mothers in pakistan
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Cursing mobile phones.

Bad result in studies, headache, stomach ache or even raining outside is your phone’s fault. That is the typical thinking of desi mothers. My house is always echoing with words like “har waqat mobile” and “har waqat Facebook”  and “mera bus chalay to yeh mobile tor dun”. Even they love to say, “hamare zamane ache the, kamazkam yeh manhoos mobiles toh nahin hote the na”.

mom anger on mobile
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The “dusri maa” wala taunt.

When the clock strikes 12, you should put your phones aside or your mother will think that you are talking to some girl and will ask you to talk to your “dusri maa” later and sleep. I am sure every single guy out there can relate to this because no matters with whom you are talking, your mother always thinks that there’s a girl or in short, ‘dusri maa’.

dusri maa
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When she asks you to offer your namaz.

We get annoyed when our mothers ask us to offer namaz but we do not realize that it is for our own good.

“Yeh sab to dunya ma reh jana hay. Akhrat bacha lo apni.”

Yes, whether your mother offers prayer or not, she will not spare you if you ever leave your namaz. Toh sudhar jao!

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When she asks you to repeat your statement.

If during an argument your mother asks you to repeat your statement, it’s not because she did not get you for the first time. She is just warning you to change your statement. So, never ever repeat the same sentence, otherwise she will give you a flying chappal in return.

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Comparison with your friends.

You make one little mistake or you are unable to perform a task, your mother will tell you how perfect your friends are and she will end up with making you feel like a good-for-nothing loser.

“Laraib nay to pura ghar sambhala hua hay, or tm jootay tak ni apni jgah par rakh sakti.”

So stay away from her deadly eyes in this case or get ready for a crazy lecture!

desi mother taunt
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When I was your age.

We should not forget about the “when I was your age” weapon. While using this weapon our mothers do not realize that we know that they are just bragging about  half of the stuff that is really not true. Yes mothers, we know everything, that you were just normal human not a wonder woman!

desi mothers taunt
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No gol roti, no rishta.

If your roti is not round no one will marry you. This is what girls have to listen to most of their unmarried life. So, she will love to keep repeating that ‘sudhar jao, warna sasural ja k meri naak katwao ghi’. Well, mom, I really can’t make a perfect gol roti.

gol roti
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Kudos to all the mothers there, they are the ones who teach us what’s right and wrong and how to be a better human being. These all little phrases our mothers use, but these make them one of a loving and kind creature.