Chai has a very strong relationship with every Pakistani heart. There is a long debate on “to like or not to like chai.” Every chaiholic defends his love for chai in his own way. It is a necessity for us, a fuel for us. It is enjoyed in the morning with anda paratha or bread and in evening with cakes and fried food or anything you want to eat with your wish. Chai for any Pakistani is more like a national drink. 

Lahoris are known for their food, so it is confirmed that they are addicted to this great thing! In Lahore, one can find many different places for food, but now there are many different and good places for chai are also there. You can drink chai with your family, friends and your special ones at great places. There are many places that have recently opened, only for chaiholics. There is a famous chai wala “Yaqoo Chai Wala” or “Goonga Chai Wala” at Temple Road in Lahore. Chai wala is there for past many years and every evening at about 10 p.m, special people who are deaf and dumb sit together to have tea and enjoy some gossips. Same like this, there are many places for chaiholics.   

Top Chai Places In Lahore

  • Pak Tea House
  • Goonga Yaqoo Chai Wala
  • Lakshmi Chowk Stalls
  • Sarrak Pe Karrak
  • Chai Kaafee Aur Siasat
  • Chai Kada
  • What’a Paratha
  • Manji Munch
  • Chai Avenue
  • Chaaye Khana

Pak Tea House:

Pak Tea House

Located on Akbari Road, “Pak Tea House” is one of the oldest chai dhabba in Lahore, which was opened after one year of Independence of Pakistan. This place has given many writers and poets to Pakistan. It was reopened in 2012 and is being run by different bloggers. There are many types of chai in this intellectual tea house. The most famous movement “Progressive Writers Association” has been started from Pak Tea House. This famous and old chai dhabba is also known as “House Of Writers And Thinkers Who Served The Nation Selflessly!”   

Goonga Yaqoo Chai Wala:

Yaqoo Chai Wala

Doodh Patti

If those expensive cafes are closed at 1:00 a.m. you can always count on this chai dhabba. This dhabba can fulfill your doodh patti chai craving at any time. There doodh patti is sweet and addictive. Located at Temple Road, Lahore. Here you can’t order pizza, burger or any brownie but rather they serve you chai in a simple glass without any snacks. Yaqoo Chai Wala has been there for the past many years, this place is  always occupied by a massive number of people and enjoy quality time there. With their family and friends. It is one of the cheap tea places in Lahore.

Lakhsmi Chowk Stalls:

Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri Chai

Kasmiri chai served with almonds, cashews

This place is definitely a blessing for all the Lahoris in winters. They serve the best Kashmiri chai, in the whole wide world, I repeat! In the whole wide world! No one can resist this hot, steamy and gulabi cup of chai, with toppings of crushed almonds, cashews and pistachios.Traditional chai place is located at Lakshmi Chowk, a very old and famous place in Lahore. This desi chai place has also special firni, which is also a treat to enjoy. In winter this place is also occupied by a massive number of people. 

Sarrak Pe Karrak:

Sarak Pe Karak

Open air chai spot is located at K-Block Model Town, Lahore. Traditional chai spot serves you best tandoori chai in Lahore. They also gives you ludo to play and to spend some quality time with your family and friends. There other two most famous chais’ are “Bombay Karak Chai” and “Malai Mar Ke Chai.” The bombay karak chai is bit spicy because of cinnamon and ginger in it and the malai mar ke chai is creamy and has a serving of malai on top, that can melt your heart and your mood easily!

Chai, Kaafee Aur Siasat:

Chai Kaafee Aur Siyasat

Chai, Kaafee Aur Siyasat is a modern tea dhaba. Located at Mian Mehmood Ali Qasoori Road, Lahore. This new opened chai place has live sufi music. There is a special partition known as “baithak,” is designed for meetings, birthday  parties and social gatherings. At tea time, they have desi menu, you can also enjoy a hot chocolate here.

Chai Kada:

Chai Kada

Open air chai place is located on Mian Mehmood Ali Road, Lahore. Chai Kada is one of the best chai places in Lahore and the most trending one also. You can enjoy tea and music of your own choice. The modern chai dhabba has a typical setting of trucker hotel. It’s the best thing about this place. Chai Kada is a themed chai spot with truck art work all around that looks very attractive and colorful. Chai Kada have best chai services, with different types of tea, served with desi and modern types of deserts. There is a colorful rikshaw parked in this chai dhabba, which is a mandatory spot for selfies. This is an expensive chai place, but well worth it. The open air tea spot has a wonderful view of the city.

Zaffran (Saffron) Chai:

Zaffran Chai

Chai Kada also serves this aromatic desi zaffrani chai. This chai is the perfect combination of not so strong and not so light chai, just in the middle. You can enjoy this chai at the rooftop chai place Chai Kada.

What’a Paratha:

Masala Chai

Masala Chai

A very famous and newly opened cafe is located at different places, in Lahore. They serve the best masala chai in town, which is far from the usual one. With garlic, ginger, cinnamon, black pepper and plus sugar, this sweet and spicy chai is a must try. They have different types of parathas, which is a treat to eat at tea time. It is one of the most famous places to go for afternoon tea near me, in Johar Town, Lahore.

Manji Munch:

Munji Munch

Nutella Chai

Located at DHA Phase1, Lahore. Munji Munch serves you this karak chai with a twist. They named it “Karak Nutella Chai” which is a chocolatey treat to drink. Almost every chocolate and chaiholic will enjoy this sweet and chocolatey combination.

Chai Avenue:

Chai Avenue

Special Doodh Patti Chai

This is the best place to enjoy your chai or coffee. A very small, friendly and cosy environment has best chais and coffees. They serve you best doodh patti chai with any kind of snack you want. An elite kinda cafe that have a solid menu, which is light on your wallet too!

Chaaye Khana:

This fancy tea place has recently launched and located at M. M. Alam Road, Lahore. This is Islamabad’s most famous cafe for tea lovers. This good tea place has a lot more options in there menu. They serve you breakfast, sandwiches, desserts and meals. They also have a small place that is for meetings and small social gatherings. The modern tea spot is beautifully decorated and well organized. This place is the best place for afternoon tea with your family, friends or your loved one.