Nuclear weapons are ordnance that are extremely powerful and horrifying to erase the living species on the Earth. These weapons were created during World War II. It causes an enormous hot blast that can kill half of the people of the whole world. 

In no time, these bombs can destroy the whole world, so time to think that why countries have made such weapons? The answer is if these are a threat to the world, then in many ways these powerful nuclear weapons are used for the benefit of mankind and for the defense  purpose.

The countries with the most powerful nuclear weapons are considered to be more secure as compared to those who have not such weapons. 

Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019

United States and Russia have the most nuclear weapons but China, Pakistan, France and the United Kingdom also have more than 100 nuclear weapons.

It is quite difficult to sort out the exact number of nuclear weapons in each country, but based on the Federation of American Scientists, the list of “Top 10 Countries With The Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019,” is as follows:

Nuclear Weapons State

1.) Russia:

Russia Flag

According to, Russia with 145,898,667 population is at number one, when it comes to “Top Countries With The Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons.” Russia has 6,500 of total nuclear weapons. It tested its first nuclear weapon test at Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan on 29th August, 1949.Russia Nuclear Weapon Country

Russia is famous for the best quality weapons and the largest country with respect to the area. There is no doubt in the quantity and quality of weapons. Russia is the largest producer of the weapons which made the country number one super power of the world.

It’s nuclear industry employs almost 200,000 people, known for its nuclear disaster mastery and also the safety in its technology.

2.) United States of America

United States Flag

The United States is at second number in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019,” but in 1945 it was at the top in the world’s first nuclear weapon state. The United States is the only country who has used its nuclear weapons during an actual wartime.

According to, United States is the world’s largest producer of nuclear power by its nuclear weapons capabilities. It has total 7200-7700 nuclear missiles. According to the World’s most powerful militaries of 2018, USA has been declared at the top with more organized army and best weapons. 

American Nuclear Weapon

It has more number of SLBMs and ICBMs as compared to other countries, including Russia. Also, the country has many complications with China, Russia and Pakistan, due to which it is known as the most hated country in the world. America is known for its super power in the whole wide world.

3. France

France flag

In our list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019,” the third position goes to France, with a total of 280 nuclear warheads. France tested its first nuclear weapon in February, 1960 named as Gerboise Bleue. It conducted its last 210th nuclear weapon test in the year 1996.

There were total 210 French nuclear tests from 1960 through 1995. According to, France’s total population is 65,191,113 and is at number 21, when it comes to World Population list. 

France Nuclear Weapons

France has established 280 total warheads and is on the third in the stockpile of the world. It is one of the most powerful countries of the world, but facing the terrorist attacks. 

So France really needs much more defense in today’s period. It has deactivated all land based nuclear weapons and it is in the research for becoming a more powerful country.

4. China

China Flag

Known as the emerging superpower, China tested its first nuclear weapon on 16th October, 1964. China has been the country who has used the concept of “no-first-use,” that means China will not use nuclear weapons first but only under retaliatory circumstances. China has total 200-300 nuclear warheads.

According to, China has been ranked at number one for its population, China’s total population is 1,433,783,686. It’s  population is equivalent to 18.59% to total world population. 

China Nuclear Weapons

China’s first nuclear weapon an atomic bomb, with highly enriched uranium was a success for China. On 17th June, 1967, China tested its first thermonuclear device. This time span of 32 months was a remarkable achievement for any nuclear weapon state. 

In contrast to this time span of United States to test its nuclear weapons was 86 months, for Russia it was of 75 months, for U. K. time span was 66 months and for France 105 months. 

5. United Kingdom

United Kingdom Flag

United Kingdom is ranked at number five in this list, according to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. United Kingdom has estimated to have 225 total nuclear warheads.

It has tested its first nuclear weapons test on 3rd October, 1952. The United Kingdom has been involved in the development of nuclear weapons back from the 1940s. 

Initially, United Kingdom conducted its own research but later its scientists were sent to the United States of America to contribute in Manhattan Project. Following the war with the death of the Atomic Energy Act that was performed in the United States, the United Kingdom chose to seek after its very own atomic weapons program. United Kingdom Nuclear Weapons

During the second World War time United Kingdom initiated its nuclear weapons programme. This programme was code-named “Tube Alloys,” with collaboration from Canada. The Tube Alloys project was the first nuclear weapons program both in the United Kingdom and Canada.

This country has made its entry in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019” in 1956 by opening a nuclear power station. The number of total missiles United Kingdom has 225.   

6. Israel

Israel FlagIsrael has a total of 80 nuclear missiles and ranked at 8th number in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019.” It is in the list of four-nuclear armed countries but not recognized by the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). Israel has not confirmed its nuclear weapon state but has also not denied. Israel Nuclear Weapons

It is a popular country, but not in a positive manner and hated by Muslims as well as by many other countries of the world. Moreover, this country is a country with aggressive and unfriendly neighborhood. 

7. Pakistan

Pakistan Flag

Pakistan is at number 6th in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019.” The nuclear weapon program was established in 1972 during the reign of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

He founded this initiative when he was the Minister for Fuel, Power and Natural Resources and later became Prime Minister and President of the country. Pakistan has total 140 nuclear warheads. 

The main purpose of this program was after the loss of East Pakistan in the 1971 war with India. Pakistan conducted its first nuclear weapons test in 1998, at the Ras Koh Hills. On May 28, 1998, Pakistan announced that it had successfully conducted its five nuclear tests.

During the 1990s, China structured and provided the substantial water Khusab reactor, which assumes a key job in Pakistan’s creation of plutonium.

China National Nuclear Corporation then helped Pakistan to grow its uranium capacities by giving 5,000 designed ring magnets, which are a key segment of the course that encourage the fastpivot rotators. China then provided material and technical support for the completion of Chasma nuclear power reactor.

As according to, Pakistan has additionally obtained atomic related, double use, hardware and materials from the Former Soviet Union and Western Europe. Pakistan has made its defense more powerful and strong and this is the reason why it has more weapons than India.

Pakistan Nuclear Weapon

The following is the list of Pakistani Land Based Missile. This  list has been taken from

Battlefield Range Ballistic Missiles (BRBM)

  • Hatf (50 km) 
  • Nasr (70 km) 
  • Abdali (200 km) 

Short Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBM)

  • Ghaznavi (300 km) 
  • Shaheen-I (750–900 km) 

Medium Range Ballistic Missiles (MRBM)

  • Ghauri-I (1,500 km) 
  • Ghauri-II (1,800 km) 
  • Ababeel (2,200 km)
  • Shaheen-II (1,500-2,000 km) 
  • Shaheen-III (2,750 km) 

8. India

India Flag

India is at number 7th in this list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019.” India has not given any particular or official statement about its nuclear weapons. India tested its first nuclear weapon test on 18th May, 1974.

According to recent times, India has total 150-200 nuclear weapons. India has neither maintain “no-first-use” nuclear policy nor signed any Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

As stated by www.Worldometers./World-Population/India-Population/, India’s total population is 1,372,307,162 and ranks at number two in this list. It’s total population is equivalent to 17.71% of the total world population. India is a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  India Nuclear Weapon

The following are some Indian Land Based Missile. This particular list has been taken from Wikipedia.Org/India_and_weapons_of_mass_destruction:

Short-Range Ballistic Missile (SRBM)

  • Prithvi-I (150 km)
  • Prithvi-II (250-350 km)
  • Prithvi-III (350-600 km)

Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM)

  • Agni-I (700 km)
  • Agni-II (2,000-3,000 km)
  • Agni-III (3,500-5,00 km)

Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile 

  • Agni-IV (4,000 km)
  • Agni-V (5,000-8,000 km)

Intercontinental Ballistic Missile & Probable MIRV

  • Agni-VI (8,000-12,000 km)
  • Surya 

9. North Korea

North Korea Flag

North Korea has been ranked at number 9 in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019.” In 2006, the country conducted 6 nuclear weapons test. It has total 20-30 nuclear weapons.

Korea has shown interest in developing nuclear weapons states in the 1950s. It conducted its last nuclear weapon test on 3rd September, 2017. Several states have bought missiles from North Korea and also acquire assistance to produce local missile. The states were the following:

  • Egypt
  • Iran
  • Pakistan
  • Syria
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Vietnam
  • Yemen

North Korea Nuclear Weapons

10. Iran

Iran Flag

At number 10 in the list of “Top 10 Countries With Most Powerful Nuclear Weapons In The World 2019” is Iran. It is also called Persia and is an officially Islamic Republic State. Iran is at number eighteenth in most populous country, with a population of 83,380,931 only.

It is the second largest country in the Middle East and 17th largest in the world. Iran’s nuclear weapons program was launched in 1950 with the help of the United States.

The participation of the United States and Western Europeans governments in Iran’s nuclear weapons progress continued until 1979, but stopped after the Iranian Revolution in which they dropped the last Shah of Iran.

Following this, the international nuclear cooperation cut off with Iran. It still continued its nuclear development in 1981. Russia joint research organization with Iran, providing it with technical information and nuclear experts.

Recently, many polls and surveys were conducted to show that the majority of Iranians, are in the support for their nuclear program. Iran says its atomic program is tranquil and has advanced uranium to under 5 percent. 

Iran Nuclear Weapons

Despite the fact that most concur that Iran has the ability and capacity to in the end manufacture such a gadget once Iran has enough weapons-grade uranium for a center, it would then need to change over that uranium from gas to metal, fit it with a touchy bundle that could light the parting response. Iran’s presently secret atomic weapons inquire about program demonstrates that Iran was in 2003 building the essential offices it on a ballistic rocket.


Nuclear weapons include bombs, missiles, artillery shells, mines and torpedoes. These nuclear weapons are also called “Atomic bombs” and “Hydrogen bombs.” The United States was the first country to use these nuclear weapons in an actual wartime against Japan. Nuclear weapons wartime can make huge demolition in an exceptionally brief time frame. The eventual outcomes of atomic wartime are greater than the annihilation, it will make.