Are you the same Pakistani person who wants only desi breakfast? If you are living in Lahore, then chances are very high. ‘Lahore, Lahore Hai’! Yes, this is absolutely correct, because no city is better than Lahore in terms of food, places and shopping malls. People tend to eat different varieties of food because they can’t stick to one. You can see Lahoris in different cafes, restaurants and dhabbas any time. In this winter season, you can see a bunch of people at fish places in Lahore because this food gives them warm feeling, especially when they are ready to start their day.

Other than the taste and choice, everyone must know the huge benefits of eating fish so hurry up and rush to the delicious fish places in Lahore. Read below to know more about the fish restaurants near you.

1. Babu Fish Corner

On the top, we have a Babu Fish Corner, one of the best fish places in Lahore. Located at Tufail Road, this place gives you the varieties of fish in reasonable price. It is an amazing place to get a lifetime experience of superb menu. If you want to fill your stomach in Rs. 200 to Rs. 400 range, then Babu Fish Corner in Lahore is the right option. Yes, one of the best Pakistani cuisines in the town to make you the satisfied customer.

fish places in lahore

2. New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner

To enjoy some quality time with your family and loved ones, New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner might be the best place because it gives you the Pakistani and BBQ menu under one roof. This restaurant has gained massive popularity soon after its opening. It is offering you more than the seafood variety. If you are a pure Desi food lover, then must try their fish food. Located in Sector Y, DHA 3, Lahore, Punjab, 54810, it provides you the hot, tasty and the food absolutely on a budget you want. A must try place for true lovers of the perfect hot and spicy fish.

New Haji Restaurant & Fish Corner

3. Siddique Fish Corner

Located in Garhi Shahu, the Siddique Fish Corner gives you the warm environment to enjoy the fish food there. Their aim is to provide the delicious fish to the customers. Naan with some fish pieces and cold drink should be your next menu this winter season. Moreover, you’ll be glad to know that only the best quality ingredients are used to give you the mouth watering taste of your favorite fish.

Siddique Fish Corner

4. Bashir Darul Mahi

The another good location to get fish is Bashir Darul Mahi. If you are roaming around 19 A, Maulana Shoukat Ali Road Johar Town, then don’t forget to try Machhi there in your favorite restaurant. Under one place, you can eat economical and tasty fish along with good services. Moreover, this fish place is also present in Gaddaffi Stadium. To see the place crowded with fish lovers and to get the ultimate foodie experience, Bashir Darul Mahi is the one.

Bashir Darul Mahi lahore

5. Haji Sardar Fish

Famous by the name ‘Sardar Ki Machli’, this one of the delicious fish places in Lahore is serving Pakistanis in a very good manner. When you want to eat something tasty, fresh and seasonal, then Haji Sardar Fish is the wise option in winters. Like many other seafood restaurants in Lahore, this restaurant is popular for the sailing crowd. It is located in Qartaba Chowk, Lahore, go and find your favorite fish type because everything is fresh there.

Haji Sardar Fish recipe

For the winter season, you must know the famous places in Pakistan for best cooked fish dishes. There are wide varieties of fishes you can eat, whether fried, grilled, roasted or the famous fish Handi, which is quite popular among Desi people. Fish really plays an important part in giving you protein, vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids, good for your body and brain. You can find a wide variety of seafood in the restaurants of your choice with best meals and deals. No doubt, Lahoris know how to select the best food place and to get a bite of each one of them. Be it only fish place or place with the amazing seafood menu, the best dining experience and the appealing atmosphere are what we want by living in Lahore.

So what’s your favorite fish place in Lahore? Let us know in the comment section!