Exercise or workout is not difficult task to do but to eat clean is difficult task probably because we can find time for workout but we can’t avoid eating food full of fat. Some people claim we don’t eat too much but we get fat it’s just because of the energy balance and the lack of diet knowledge.

Diet knowledge means people just ponder on the amount of eatables not on the calories and protein therefore I usually say eat more or less but try to eat protein, iron not the calories because it’s not how much you eat it’s all about what you eat.
We are all familiar to one of famous proverb about eating but we don’t bother to follow it usually and that proverb is,
“Breakfast like kings, lunch like a price, but dine like a pauper”.

1.Junk Food

Junk food addiction is a typical reason of weight gain as it is full of un-healthy calories and its easily available anywhere every time.

Junk Food

2.Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when feeling upset, low, disturbed or unhappy. In this state people usually women tend to eat more than daily routine when they are bored, that’s why it is said be busy so you don’t have time to think over.

Women Eating

3.Spent Time on Social Media

Social media is rapidly growing cause of making people vigorous or less lively. Let’s compare the people of old times and the people of today’s world what’s happening in today’s world is just restful and dull, people talk on mobile,  Facebook, Skype etc  but in older times people had to travel, had to walk for every little need that’s why people of old times were strong and active.

Spent time social Media

4.Sugar Enrich Foods

Sugar is playing important part in weight gaining process. Food containing sugar is other name of fat but people don’t pay attention to it, use of cold drinks, chocolate, bakery food is at every corner of this world.

Gulab Jamun

5.Late Night Eating

Late night eating is perhaps a big reason of weight gain in youngsters. They pass whole day with struggle, play, study and activities which kill calories but they mostly eat late at night and go to bed and that’s the reason they can’t control fat.

Eating late night