With the passage of every month and day, people tend to eat some new and innovative and Healthiest Super Foods on a budget. The same situation with me, I am always interested in trying new healthy foods and these foods are always available near my residence. There are hundreds of foods that are strong enough to reduce many diseases like lower your cholesterol, prevent cancer, obesity and many more. With all these diseases, you can get rid by purchasing the foods which can save you money because they are known as super foods.

These foods can’t break your budget and best to provide you healthy nutritional diet. So try to pick those foods which have long term benefits and create delicious taste. “These are average prices gathered from online grocery stores and a USDA 2011 survey of fruit and vegetable prices. Although the cost of these foods may differ from store to store, these are all healthy foods that are generally a good value relative to the nutrition they provide”.

—Kerri-Ann Jennings, M.S., R.D.

To really boost your energy and mood, try to follow my list of the top 6 Healthiest Super Foods which are on a budget.

1. Healthiest Super Foods – Sweet Potatoes

The sweet potatoes have lots of benefits with the fact that it is one of the super foods, which are on a budget. This vegetable makes your skin glowing by reducing wrinkles and also protect your skin from sun spots. It values only fifty cents each and are loaded with sufficient fiber to maintain colon health.

Healthiest Super Foods

2. Oats

The oats cost 10 cents per serving and also very good for your health. If you want some fiber in your diet, try to develop the habit to eat oats as they deliver rich nutrients. The research suggests that by increasing the portion of soluble fiber in your diet can result into the drop of 5% bad cholesterol. Make your own meal and enjoy on the budget!

oats on budget

3. Black Beans

To enjoy the healthy punch, eat black beans loaded with magnesium, iron and vitamins. Known as the excellent option for vegetarians because it contains protein also. You can get this food in nearly less amount and can switch your daily multivitamin and processed chicken patty.

black beans best on budget

4. Tuna

Too good for you and give you the option to enjoy your diet in less budget. The tuna fish ranks at 4th in the most enjoyable and super foods. The canned tuna provides you the omega-3 fatty acids and if you eat tuna twice a week, you can get energy same as from the meat.

tuna super food

5. Mango

Famous for summer season, mango is rich in nutrition and provides delicious taste as well. To get daily 80% of the vitamin, only one serving is enough. Moreover, you can add mango chunks in yogurt, in any desert or can also make smoothie. In only sixty cents, you can enjoy this peel and eat food.

mangoes on budget

6. Carrots

1 cup of carrots can cost less than 1 dollar. One of the most famous super foods which contains beta-carotene, a type of vitamin. The carrots help you to get 4 times the DV of vitamin A, which helps to build bones and makes immune system better. Moreover, by eating carrots, you can boost your energy and smooth the functions of eyes.

carrots on budget

These all above mentioned super foods can be purchased easily and in less budget, so waiting for what? Go and purchase them for better health and life!