Every city in Pakistan has some famous stuff, just like food in Lahore. Lahoris have an amazing set of taste and varieties of food, which makes this city on the top in the name of delicious food. The Lahori Karahi, BBQ, Chargha, sweet dishes and many more things. So we can say that they don’t stick to one variety of food. Apart from the good and old Desi food in Lahore, it’s innocuous to say that Lahoris have a deep love affair with burgers. Whether it’s chicken or beef, there are many best burger places in Lahore, from where you can get fresh sandwiches, juicy patty burgers, yummy sauces, and freshly toasted buns to make your stomach growl.

At the start, mostly people were only aware of McDonalds, but with the passage of time, the burger industry has come up with innovations. The Hardees, Burger Hub, Burger King, Fat Burger, Johnny Rockets, Howdy are the perfect examples. You can easily explore best burger places in Lahore so don’t get panic and boost your options. We have a list for you about top 10 best burger places in Lahore Pakistan. Grab them out!

1. Howdy

Best burgers in town!

On the top, we have Howdy as one of the best burger places in Lahore. The juicy and tender patties they use are so much tempting. The best thing is the size of burgers, you have to deal them very carefully, but once you eat them, you will feel out of the world. Howdy is the best because it was also awarded as A grade by Ayesha Mumtaz of PFA. The tasty fries, drink will make up the best deal along with giant burgers.

best burger places in lahore pakistan
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2. Outpost BYOB

Burgers and fries with variety of sauces? Hands down!

It all means Build-Your-own-Burger! It is another outstanding burger place, which offers its customers the best varieties. The amazing thing here is the opportunity to build your own burger by selecting what and how much stuff you want in your burger. The type of patties, sauces, cheese, salad, fries and any more. People just love this idea and they prefer to go there again and again!

outpost byob burgers
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3. Hardee’s

Amazing menu! We love the burgers.

Yes, it is the home to most hygienic, tasty, luscious burgers in Lahore Pakistan one desires. There are many deals Hardee’s is offering in the different range. You can have SuperStar, Angus, Buffalo Chicken, curly fries, simple fries, bottomless drinks and many more. As there are many burger spots in Lahore, but Hardee’s has something different than others. Quite delicious!

hardees burgers in lahore
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4. Burger Hub

Too difficult to decide what to order. Really delicious burgers, so many combinations!

It is one of the most popular and best burger places in Lahore Pakistan. The big fat and soft buns with tasty patties are one of their spheres. Like other places, they are also offering the best deals with a combo of fries and drink in the normal range. This place is really a best spot for creative burgers and other amazing options to make everyone happy. So go there and save lots of cash!

burger hub giant burger
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5. Ministry Of Burgers

Talk about the Ministry of Burgers, fries are delicious, burgers are great and environment is just lovely.

On 5th number, we have a Ministry of Burgers, known as the most loved burgers in Lahore, especially in youth. They offer burgers in both chicken and beef varieties, both will give you equal status of quality and taste. The Ministry of Burgers makes their own soft and fresh buns, which is a plus point for them. The signature burger there is YOLO as a beef burger and Big Mommy as the chicken one. It’s a definite try!

delicious burgers lahore pakistan
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6. Burger Chalet

Flavorful burgers with mouth watering sauces is a must try this weekend!

Located in Valencia Town in Lahore, a visit to this place is must. Burger Chalet provides you the amazing and high quality burgers with the outclass dinning area. You can enjoy grilled burgers, chicken steaks, fries, wings, coffee, frappes, smoothies, shakes and tempting ice cream. The classy Burger Chalet is a definite try. This place is amazing and we want it to be around us forever. Highly recommended!

burger chalet lahore menu
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7. Burger King

This place has great burgers. Try the juicy burgers and you’ll thank me later!

Burger King has a variety of exclusive and juicy sandwiches and burgers. It serves you modern burgers with the finger licking taste everyone wants. The steak house burger from Burger King and the Whopper burger is the most popular burgers because of delicious sauces used in it. The price of burgers are in different range, so don’t forget to avail the amazing offers here.

burger king in lahore
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Don’t wait to eat the great burgers and fresh meat, buns, veggies. These burger places in Lahore will change your life. What else do you need?