Nowadays, the wedding has become the sign of memories, records, status and the biggest day in your life that you want to make more special.  Every couple makes their day remarkable by doing different stuff, but many prefer to hire the best wedding photographers in Pakistan. The photography industry in Pakistan urge people across the world to come here for their wedding. The photographers and videographers make your every moment special by recording joy, sorrow, dance, customs and every bit of the occasions.

That’s the reason why wedding photographers in Pakistan have got the success with the passage of time. There are hundreds of photographers you can go through when you look around, but the one with excellent skills is fit to capture your days. Some are expensive and some are just reasonable, who will get some stirring photos for both bride and groom. So we have gathered the best wedding photographers in Pakistan you should hire for your big day. Know their names and hire as soon as possible!

1. Irfan Ahson (Fine Arts Wedding by Irfan Ahson)

On the top, we have well known and well reputed Irfan Ahson, one of the famous wedding photographers in Pakistan who got fame in a very short span. Not only in Pakistan, he is famous internationally who has won wedding photojournalist/Engineer awards. Irfan Ahson has given our country the best talent and we can say that this photographer has got some serious out of the world techniques to capture everything. Want to hire him? Here are the details



Phone number: 0323 4795100

wedding photographers in pakistan
Source: Facebook/ Fine Arts Wedding by Irfan Ahson

2. Xpressions (Xpressions)

In the second place, we have Xpressions in terms of everything. Xpressions are quite famous who are offering outstanding services in reasonable rates. Not only wedding, if you want someone to capture your birthday parties, engagements, and other small events, then Xpressions are the best in the town. The talented team with experienced people is the main benefit to all living in Pakistan.



Phone number: 0333 4833349

xpressions photography
Source: Facebook/ Xpressions

3. Aliza Waqar (Aliza Waqar Photography)

Not only men, photography in Pakistan have revolutionized because ladies are proving themselves as talented as others. Aliza Waqar Photography is well known to everyone, whose picture quality speaks itself. They have every trick to bring smile on your face, so highly creditable to those who want their big day photography in a very unique way.



Phone Number: 0333 4603433

aliza waqar photography pakistan
Source: Facebook/ Aliza Waqar Photography

4.  Muhammad Ali (Sweet Chilli Production)

Presenting you the phenomenal and stupendous photographer of his era, Young and Very talented Muhammad Ali who doesn’t need any introduction as his work speaks up more volume. Muhammad Ali has earned his name by performing up to the mark and by proving his skills to his valued customers. His work is very impressive and has greater market worth. His own studio named as “Sweet Chilli Production” stands as one of the biggest brands of Pakistan. According to Muhammad Ali “Photographers are the key players of recent wedding seasons”.

Phone number: +923415074016


sweet chilli production
Source: Sweet chilli production

5. Shahnawaz (Shahnawaz Studio)

In a reasonable rate, Shahnawaz is offering you the quality pictures. This is the leading option for you because he makes you feel royal, especially in his studio. The beautiful shoot with the elegance is the best definition of Shahnawaz, who is currently running the Shahnawaz Studio in Gulberg, Lahore. The promising shoot along with the spectacular outdoor location is waiting for you in the form of Shahnawaz Studio.



Phone Number: 0300 8451061

shahnawaz studio lahore
Source: Facebook/ Shahnawaz Studio

6. Osman Parvaiz Mughal (OPM Photography)

Osman Pervaiz Mughal is one of the famous wedding photographers in Pakistan with the name OPM Photography. He is giving the young talents major goals to be a popular photographer in no time. Many couples prefer him to book for their wedding, all they want is to let their wedding done in an astonishing way. Admirable, talented and promising, this is what we can say about this marvelous photographer.



Phone number: 0321 4101100

opm photoshoot
Source: Facebook/ OPM Photography

7. Afzal Studio (Studio AFZL)

Afzal Studio is the another famous name in the world of photography and best known for the quality pictures. He is not new in the photography industry, but with the passage of time, his work and talent to take fantastic images is worth praising. With the most experienced team, he is making every final result of your wedding awesome. So if you want a photographer with long time experience in photography, Afzal Studio should be your top priority.



Phone number: 0346 7666661

afzal studio lahore
Source: Facebook/ Studio AFZL

No matter which photographer is your favorite in this list, as everyone has the mind blowing skills to make your wedding memorable. They do capture your moments on each single day of your wedding, so book them as soon as possible. I have mentioned the best wedding photographers for you, now decide which one is your favorite. Let us know in the comments section!