No doubt “Flowers… are a proud assertion that a ray of beauty outvalues all the utilities of the world.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson. God is an artist and one of His greatest creations is the beautiful flowers. Their existence, fragrance and the magical colors are worth seeing for. It is the easiest way to show your feelings to someone, so hold a a beautiful flower and express your feelings in front of your loved ones. The most beautiful flowers are those who bring a smile on any face, especially when you are having a tough day.

On any occasion, anniversaries, birthdays or weddings, flower bouquets are the best one to give. Every flower represents some symbols like roses are the symbols of love, so most beautiful flowers in the world are those, who portray some beautiful feelings.

“There is a language, little known,

Lovers claim it as their own,

Its symbols smile upon the land,

Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;

And in their silent beauty speak,

Of life and joy, to those who seek

For Love Divine and sunny hours

In the language of the flowers.”

–The Language of Flowers, London, 1875

Though there are many beautiful flowers, but the most beautiful flowers in the world are mentioned in this article. These flowers are the most beautiful, but if you know any prettier one, then let us know in the comments section. So hold on and watch out the list of 8 most beautiful flowers in the world that are amazing.

1. Rose

Yes on the top of the list of “most beautiful flowers in the world”, there is ‘Rose’. No doubt, it is the prettiest and sweetest smelling red flower. It is the synonym with beauty and love can be found almost everywhere on earth. This flower has been a source of inspiration for people from poets to the artists. So due to its popularity, the rose is the most beautiful flower present in the world.

Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

2. Cherry Blossom

Nothing is more beautiful than the arrival of spring in countries like Japan, when the cherry blossom trees are in full bloom. The most popular colors in cherry blossom flowers are white and pink, which displays the true beauty. So to see the stunning sight, must see these flowers!

beautiful cherry blossoms

3. Dahlia

These beautiful pink flowers are characterized as bushy, tuberous and perennial plants. The plant was named after the botanist Anders Dahl. The beautiful flowers are very rare with only 30 species and at least 20,000 cultivars. Yes, these flowers ranked at 3rd position as the most beautiful flowers in the world.

Dahlia flower

4. Bleeding Heart

The pretty flowers are almost fairy like blossoms, which will give you the amazing feelings once you see and touch them. These flowers will be available as red, pink and white. It is mostly found in China, Japan and Korea and having the most dramatic shape. Find out these flowers, you will definitely fall in love with their romantic shapes.

bleeding heart flowers

5. Orchid

The orchard is very attractive, beautiful and amazing flower, which gives you some fancy looks. This flower has a large amount of species about 27,800 with different colors. The wonderful thing about this flower is it has attractive fragrance, used for the perfumes and these are easily available around the world. The beautiful Orchids are present in the desert and also in glaciers.

beautiful orchid flower

6. White Lotus

The White Lotus flower is also known as the Egyptian white water-lily or the tiger lotus. These flowers are grown in various parts of Southeast Asia and East Africa. The white lotus floats on water because of its beautiful lily pads. Such a beautiful flower to refresh one’s mood!

white lotus flowers

7. Oriental Poppy

The beautiful and sizzling flower with so many colors is none other than oriental poppy. These flowers are so much softer and its lovely color makes it too real in the world to see. The name of this flower came because it would not die almost for two years, so you can feel its presence in the long run. Present in different colors, these flowers are real and rare.

Red Oriental Poppy

8. Bird Of Paradise

An unusual and beautifully created flower it is, isn’t it? Owing to its shape, it is known as Birds of Paradise. It is also known as crane flower and belongs to the Strelitiaceae family. The colorful flower has such vibrant colors, that we are forced to say that it is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Moreover, this flower has not any type of odor.

bird of paradise beautiful flower

Indeed, flowers are one of the best creations God has made for us, simply the best. Although, we know that they have a short life, but no doubt they always give us endless joy. Their colors, shapes, fragrances are enough to make any person’s mood happy and out of the world.

So do you agree that nothing can replace the flowers in our life? Do you think that there is any flower that deserves to be in the list mentioned above? Let us know in the comment section!