Learning is meant to be an interesting and a most engaging experience. The place where knowledge is transferred from teachers to students in a more organized way and where formal education is achieved. In many countries, schools are designed in such a way students can have a joyful and an awesome environment. So do you think schools should be awe-inspiring? From Australia to Nigeria, Denmark to Cambodia – The Most Beautiful Schools in the World will give you goal and desire to study there.

Apart from the education, every school should have a playground, cafeteria, library, labs and also auditorium. The most beautiful schools in the world provides first time education and the latest facilities. Read this article and decide which school is better in all aspects. Have a look!

1. OA Kindergarten

The OA Kindergarten located in Japan is the earthquake proof school. It’s a stable school made up of shipping containers.

most beautiful schools in the world
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You will feel amazed by seeing this school inside, having pale wood and light filled spaces for kids to play around. Just wow!

beautiful school in japan
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2. Melbourne School of Design

To experience an incredible tree-like structure, there is a Melbourne school of Design at The University of Melbourne.

melbourne school of design
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The building has the amazing structure in the main lobby. This school is definitely worth taking a second look. Beautiful inside and attractive outside, the Melbourne School of Design is considered very pleasing in giving the student top class facilities in order to inspire them.

beautiful architecture in school
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3. Stowe School in Buckinghamshire

The Stowe School in Buckinghamshire is definitely in the list of the most beautiful schools in the world. Established in 1923, this school is just lovely and stunning.

stove school england
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This school is the mixture of historic and natural work, so visit this school and admire the beauty.

stowe school in buckinghamshire
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4. Pomfret School

This school is known as private co-educational school, Pomfret School. The campus is covered with the greenery and looks like a large farm land, yet the eco friendly infrastructure.

Pomfret School
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It was founded by William E Peck, this school is the best. Furthermore, the Pomfret looks too pretty that no one wants to leave it.

beautiful eco friendly school
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5. TAC SEV New Campus

Located in Turkey, this school has wonderful sight to see. The beautiful slick and futuristic building really encourages students to study and work together and get to know each other.

tac sev new campus
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During the day, this school will look like an office park and in the night, the campus shows you the warm orange glow.

campus at night
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6. Benenden School

This is a private boarding school for girls in the UK. The Benenden school was founded in the year 1923 with the beautiful infrastructure based on British designs.

benenden school
Source: timesoftunbridgewells.co.uk

This is one of the oldest and peaceful schools, which will definitely stun you with its beauty and interior.

benenden school for girls
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7. Ivy Bound International School

One of the latest and most beautiful schools in the world is Ivy Bound International School. It is located in central Bangkok having the marvelous infrastructure.

ivy bound international school
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The best thing about this school is, it looks like a mansion and also has the eco friendly style.

eco architectural school
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8. Kollaskolan School

The Kollaskolan school in Kungsbacka, Sweden was built by the Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture. Outside, it looks like an ordinary building, but you will be amazed to see its inner look.

kollaskolan school
Source: inhabitat.com

The beautiful colors offer the amazing environment with the outstanding light shades.

kollaskolan school decoration
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Other than these, Tom and VI Zapara School of Business, La Sierra University in California, USA, Harvard Business School, Boston, USA, University at Albany School of Business, New York, USA, Nyenrode Business University, Breukelen, Netherlands, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University, USA, UC Davis Graduate School of Management, California, USA, Said Business School, University of Oxford, U.K, Eberhardt School of Business, University of the Pacific, California, USA and many more schools are there to give you enchanting experience.

If you are considering the best schools from all the over the world, then the above mentioned list will definitely help you out. Apart from infrastructure, the wide range of courses, the talented teachers and the great opportunities for employment after graduation are what these schools are offering you. We like those schools which are beautiful and arranged smartly, it’s really amazing to study in the schools with very neat infrastructure. You can enjoy the play area, football grounds, basketball stadiums there too. Almost every school has a swimming pool with the very interesting site to view. Along with small learning communities, the architecture is designed to give students’ comfort and belonging. You will definitely attract towards these campuses for their appearance and beauty, so choose one of these beautiful schools and it would leave you spellbound!