In today’s era, one of the greatest problems is in our diet, which contains much sodium and less potassium. The studies suggest that boosting your potassium intake can reduce stroke risk by 21% and also lower the heart disease. Potassium is an important part of our daily diet, but many people don’t know the healthy facts about it. Adults should eat 4,700 mg of potassium a day so try to consume Potassium Rich Foods as recommended by doctors because too much potassium can be dangerous.

There are many foods which are rich in potassium, so we have collected the list of clean eating foods, including vegetables and fruits that will help you to get potassium. Have a look!

1. Sweet Potatoes – Potassium Rich Foods

The sweet potatoes rank first on the list of foods that contain potassium. One sweet potato provides 694 mg of potassium and 131 calories. They also help in providing loads of fiber, beta-carotene and carbs. Try to make mashed, grilled, fried or baked sweet potatoes and enjoy the delicious taste.

Potassium Rich Foods

2. Tomato Sauces

To get potassium, tomato sauce and tomato puree are the best as compared to the fresh tomatoes. The one quarter cup of tomato paste gives you 664 mg of the minerals, whereas one half cup of tomato paste gives 549 mg. Moreover, tomato juice can give you 400 mg of potassium.

tomato sauce provides potassium

3. Carrot Juice

There are huge juice trends among all ages of people in all the seasons. Having the juice means you are getting more potassium and the best source is the carrot juice. The ¾ cup of carrot juice contains 500 mg of potassium. Other than this, carrots are very good for your eyes and vision.

carrot juice for potassium

4. Soybeans

Always try to use fresh products as compared to the processed foods. Soybeans are the best example of the healthiest food which contains protein and half a cup of cooked soybeans have nearly 500 mg of potassium.

soybeans for potassium

5. Milk

Rich in calcium and other healthy nutrients, the milk is also a surprising source of potassium. It contains 382 mg potassium per cup and if you don’t like the taste, then find the way to make out delicious smoothies or milkshakes.

drink milk for potassium

6. Orange Juice

One of the healthiest item to take in breakfast, which contains 355 mg of potassium from ¾ cup is orange juice. Moreover, the freshly squeezed juice is a good and a healthy source of calcium, folate and vitamin B.

orange juice for rich potassium

7. Bananas

One thing which clicks in mind when talking about potassium is banana. One medium fruit contains more than 400 mg of healthy minerals and potassium. To enjoy this fruit in a more unique way, try to eat  in the form of a smoothie. What about blueberry banana smoothie???

bananas provide potassium

8. Prunes

Wet plums are just amazing to eat, but have you ever tried to eat dried plums? People tend to use these plums in various foods, hence known as the prunes. They are rich in insoluble fiber, best nutrient to fight against stubborn constipation. Prunes deliver 530 mg of potassium in ¾ cup. In one day, women who ate 10 prunes had higher bone density as compared to those who ate dried apples. So they are one of the best potassium rich foods you should eat.

prunes give potassium