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The short-haired girl, Iqra Aziz has made audiences her fans through her acting skills. Iqra Aziz is a very hard working and successful actress of her generation, born on 24 November 1997 in a Sindhi family to Abdul Aziz and Aasiya Aziz. She lost her father at a very young age and lead a life full of struggles.

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First auditioned for a television commercial model, further picked by Citrus Talent Agency. Iqra Aziz’s first acting debut was in “Kissey Apna Kahain” as a supporting actor in 2014. Her first leading role was in the 2015 romantic series ”Muqaddas,” after this Aziz has been seen in many lead roles. 

Iqra Aziz All Dramas List:

  • Kissey Apna Kahain (2014)
  • Muqaddas (2015)
  • Mol (2015)
  • Socha Na Tha (2016)
  • Deewana (2016)
  • Kisay Chahoun (2016)
  • Laaj (2016)
  • Choti Si Zindagi (2016)
  • Natak (2016)
  • Judai (2017)
  • Gustakh Ishq (2017)
  • Dil-e-Jaanam (2017)
  • Ghairat (2017)
  • Khamsohi (2017)
  • Qurban (2018)
  • Suno Chanda (2018)
  • Tabeer (2018)
  • Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018-2019)
  • Suno Chanda 2 (2019)

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Kissey Apna Kahain (2014):

Iqra Aziz in Kisse Apna Kahian

“Kissey Apna Kahain” is a Pakistani TV series that aired on HUM TV in the year 2014. Written by Mansoor Mushtaq and directed by Zeeshan Ahmed which was further broadcasted in India on Tv channel Zindagi from the year 2015 under the title of “Badalte Rishtey.” This series was Iqra Aziz’s first drama of her career. The drama cast includes Shabir Jaan, Arij Fatima, Danish Taimoor, Rubina Ashraf, Ishita Mehboob, and many other actors.

Muqaddas (2015):

Iqra Aziz in muqaddas

Iqra Aziz’s first drama as a lead role is “Muqaddas” in 2015. This drama series is a romantic thriller based on a novel of Adeel Razzak and aired on HUM TV. Drama series produced by the Momina Duraid productions and directed by Ali Masud Saeed. It stars Noor Hassan, Hina Khawaja Bayat, Farhan Ali Agha, Nida Khan, Furqan Qureshi, and others. The plot revolves around Muqaddas (Iqra Aziz) and her husband Aatir (Noor Hassan). She was kidnapped on her wedding night. Aatir himself kidnapped his wife. To take revenge from her father.

Mol (2015):

Iqra Aziz in mol

A Pakistani drama based on the story by Faysal Manzoor Khan which airs on HUM Tv. Drama is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri. The first episode was broadcasted on May 30, 2015. It has 20 number of episodes. Iqra Aziz hit drama “Mol” with Faisal Qureshi is about balancing the rights of individuals in the society. Shahryar Hassan (Faisal Qureshi) family insists him for marrying his much younger cousin Sajal (Iqra Aziz). Shahryar has no interest in her. He applies for transfer from Karachi to the ancient city Sukkar. There he met Emaan (Naveen Waqar) daughter of Imtiaz Saheb (Munawar Saeed). This hit drama receives a nomination for the best original soundtrack in “LUX Style Awards.”  

Socha Nah Tha (2016):

“Socha Na Tha,” Big Bang Entertainment Productions’ play is a love triangle. Iqra Aziz and Noor Hassan in lead roles. Khalid Anum, Sundua Tariq, Ismat Zaidi, Sara Razi, Saima Qureshi, and Asad Siddiqui are also part of the cast. Noor Hassan and Iqra are second time paired in this drama. The serial directed by Ali Hasaan and written by Sarwat Nazeer. The play is about the unexpected incidents of life.

Choti Si Zindagi (2016):

Iqra Aziz in choti si zindagi

“Choti Si Zindagi” was aired on HUM TV replacing “Zara Yaad Kr” in 2016. Under the Momina Duraid productions, written by Sarwat Nazir and directed by Shaquille Khan and Adeel Qamar Khan. The drama cast includes Iqra Aziz, Shahzad Sheikh and Nimra Khan in leads. Love-triangle based story revolves around Urwa (Shahzad Sheikh), Amina (Iqra Aziz) and Azra (Nimra Khan).

Gustakh Ishq (2017):

Iqra Aziz and Zahid Ahmed

Iqra Aziz top drama serial “Gustakh Ishq” aired on Urdu1, on 12th July 2017. It is produced under the production banner of Moomal Productions. Series features Zahid Ahmed, Iqra Aziz and Noor Khan. The plot revolves around Najaf’s (Iqra Aziz) life. She has faced many hardships in life but still standing strong and not wishing ill for anyone. Iqra Aziz drama actress “Gustakh Ishq” released on 12th August 2017. The drama cast includes the legendary late actor Abid Ali as Sikandar’s (Zahid Ahmed) father.

Ghairat (2017):

Pakistani drama “Ghairat” based on patriarchal norms, aired on ARY Digital. Series stars Iqra Aziz, Muneeb Butt and Syed Jibran in lead roles. Usman (Syed Jibran) plays a negative role. As he burns his sister Iqra (Jinaan Hussain) alive in the name of honor. Saba’s (Iqra Aziz) role is like a girl next door. She lives a sheltered life. Saba held deep respect Usman Bhai who she thought could not kill a fly. Now sees him in a different light. This top Pakistani drama not only ends with a powerful message. But also with that “How Saba saved herself from death in the name of honor!”

Khamsohi (2017):

Iqra Aziz in Khamoshi

Iqra Aziz’s top-rated drama “Khamoshi” is a romantic television series. Broadcast on HUM TV during 2017-2018 under the Momina Duraid productions. It stars Bilal Khan, Zara Noor Abbas, Iqra Aziz and Affan Waheed in lead roles. Drama is directed by Ilyas Kashmiri and is written by Aliya Bukhari has received critical acclaim and is one of the most-watched dramas of 2017. Drama plot revolves around Arsala (Zara Noor Abbas), Naeema (Iqra Aziz), Atif (Affan Waheed) and Shahram (Bilal Khan). Two sisters Arsala and Naeema are totally opposite from each other. Elder sister Arsala is a simple and trusting girl. But Naeema is greedy and miser. She is also jealous of Arsala. Series focuses on changing relationships not only between love triangle but also changes in family relations.

Tabeer (2018):

Aah! This tragic drama is a story about a girl named Tabeer (Iqra Aziz). She goes through ups and downs in life after the tragic death of her beloved husband (Imran Ashraf). Drama is directed by Ahson Talish and written by Imran Ashraf. Iqra Aziz Hum Tv drama produced under the Momina Duraid productions. After Yasir’s (Imran Ashraf) death drama revolves around the lives of Fawad (Shahzad Sheikh), Tabeer and Sania (Hajra Yameen). The drama cast includes director Ahson Talish, Ali Safina, Raza Talish, Eshal Fayyaz, Seemi Pasha and others. Iqra Aziz’s best drama “Tabeer” was released on February 20th, 2018. 

Qurban (2018):

Iqra Aziz Pakistani actress’ “Qurban” serial aired on ARY Digital. The story about Heer (Iqra Aziz), Jamal (Bilal Khan) and shahmir (Shahzad Sheikh). Heer fells in love with Jamal her class fellow, who is a hardworking and intelligent but extremely poor boy. Heer idolizes her father and wanted to marry someone like him who had gone through struggles and hardships in life! 

Heer finds this dedication and hard work in Jamal’s life. After many twists and turns in the play, it was revealed to Heer that she has already been engaged since she was two months old with Shahmir. He is the grandson of the woman who brought up her father. This drama series is about a controversial topic related to double nikkah. Iqra Aziz drama to watch is available on Youtube and also on ARY Digital application.

Suno Chanda (2018):

Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed

Iqra Aziz drama name “Suno Chanda” was a massive hit. Comedy-drama aired during Ramadan on May 17, 2018, and was directed by Ahson Talish and produced under the production banner of Momina Duraid Productions. The drama follows the story of Jiya (Iqra Aziz), Arsal (Farhan Saeed) and their nikkah. They fight with each other and are against their marriage. It received five major nominations at the “18th LUX Style Awards.” The drama has also been dubbed in Arabic. “Suno Chanda” received the highest ratings and positive reviews on its premiere and marked series a slot leader when it was aired. The drama ends with Arsal and Jiya confessing love for each other.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi (2018-2019):

Iqra Aziz And Imran Ashraf

Iqra Aziz’s latest drama “Ranjha Ranjha Kardi” aired on HUM Tv. Directed by Kashif Nisar and written by Faiza Iftikar. Starring Imran Ashraf, Iqra Aziz, Syed Jibran, Asma Abbas and Kashif Mehmood in lead. Series emerged as a top Pakistani drama also a popular show of HUM Tv. It is also produced under the production banner of Momina Duraid Productions. A family drama based on the life of Noori (Iqra Aziz), Bhoola (Imran Ashraf) and Sahir (Syed Jibran). Sahir and Bhoola are attached to Noori Bano’s life. Shair is a greedy man while Bhoola is mentally weak and this Intense story develops from here. And so does Noori and Bhoola’s unusual romantic relationship also.

Suno Chanda 2 (2019):

Suno Chanda 2

Iqra Aziz drama 2019 “Suno Chanda 2” is a comedy romantic drama. It is also produced under the banner of Momina Duraid Productions. The sequel of “Suno Chanda” (2018) is a massive hit not only in Pakistan but also in India and other U.K. countries. The story explores the life of Arsal (Farhaan Saeed) and Jiya (Iqra Aziz) after marriage.Series continues from where the first season ended in addition, there is the marriage ceremony of Sherry (Nabeel Zuberi) and Kinza (Mashal Khan). Moreover, new characters Mithu, Pari and Maina are also introduced. There are no official updates for season 3. Iqra Aziz drama to watch is available on Youtube and also on ARY Digital application. Season 2 “Suno Chanda” series cast includes: 

  • Nabeel Zuberi
  • Mashal Khan
  •  Samina Ahmed
  • Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  • Nadia Afgan
  • Ali Safina
  • Farhan Ali Agha
  • Sohail Sameer
  • Farah Shah
  • Raza Talish
  • Sabeena Farooq
  • Arjumand Rahim
  • Fareeha Jabeen
  • Beena Chaudry


Iqra Aziz’s upcoming drama called “Jhooti,” she has been paired with her real life partner Yasir Hussain. Iqra Aziz dramas are available on Youtube and Dailymotion. Iqra Aziz dramas online are a massive hit with million views. No dramas are aired Geo tv of Iqra Aziz. “Suno Chanda 2” was Iqra Aziz’s last drama in 2019.