Moving a house is the most stressful event after death and divorce. It is more traumatic than a divorce.Moving is hard on everybody.You can help your family and yourself by doing a few things:

Sort out your things

Sort out your things into three piles:

1.Things you want to sell or give away.

2.Things you want in your room in your new house.

3.Things you need on the journey.

Home Packing


Numbering the boxes


Number the boxes and make a list of what is each box so you can find things easily afterward.


Make a list

make a list of things you have to do before leaving such as disconnecting the internet and the water supply.



Helping to pack

Help others to pack up their stuff if you are done with your own packing. You can help find boxes, makes lists and label boxes. Separate things accordingly. Help load the stuff in the trucks and specially help the ones who are really down because of the moving process.

help in packing


Say your goodbye

It is sad to say goodbye to your family, friends, neighbors, your school, your office and your nearby places. But it is important to say goodbye. Make a list of place you want to visit before leaving so you do not miss any place or anyone. This feel make you feel better.

Good bye to family


Stay connected

Get an address book and write down people’s addresses or collect email addresses so that you can stay in touch. Maybe you could get an autograph book and collect messages from all your class. Keep a class photo with everyone’s name on it so that in years to come you will be able to remember them.

Family ConnectedTake pictures

Family selfie

If you have time take pictures of your house, your friends, nearby places, your schools etc., so that you can look at them and cherish the memories. After you move you are going to feel low a few days or even more, so take the memories along with you.