Rohail Hayat leaving coke studio was a great set back. With Coke studio season 8, the series however has definitely raised its game. Playing with some classics and using vocals of singers like Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar,Mikaal hasaan, Mai Dhai and Uzair Jaswal, there was diverse music for music lovers to enjoy. This superb venture of strings swept people off their feet from the very first episode with ‘sohni dharti’ and reprise of ‘tajdr e haram’.

Coke studio season 8 surely got us hooked from the very first episode, Atif Aslam being safely tagged as the highlight!

  1. Tajdar-E-Haram


Reprising the ever so famous ‘Tajdar-E-Haram’ by Sabri Brothers, Atif Aslam bagged a lot of appreciation from all age groups. The soothing vocals and music was a head to head match for the original track.

  1. Bewaja


Nabeel Shaukat after winning the Indian television music show was nowhere to be found, but he sure knows how to make an entrance! A good composition and powerful vocal by Nabeel made it a song worth listening on repeat.

  1. Sammi Meri Waar

Sammi Meri Waar

This song got the most attention. This was a piece of art. A song that was sung in wedding decades ago got a makeover with Qurat u lain Baloch’s un-matched voice and the rock star aura of Uzair Jaswal. Although Uzair Jaswal’s dance moves received a lot of criticism but the beauty of the song makes you forget it all. These are true rock stars of Pakistan!

  1. Kadi Ao Ni

Sammi Meri Waar

This Marwari piece was a treat. Featuring Mai Dhai and Atif Aslam this song transforms one to Rajhastan. Atil Aslam again stole the spot light.

  1. Neun La Leya

Neun La Leya

The best is here! ‘’Kahay Hussain faqeer niman’a
Dunya choR aakhir marr jana
Orrak kamm Allah dey naal..’’ (NFAK’s qawwali on the same Shah Hussain kaafi is one of the best ever.)