If you want to remember Balochistan, then one item will help you out, which is Sajji, the popular dish in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. It can be made up of whole lamb or chicken and marinated only in salt or you can give it your favorite touch with other spices. The delicious thing about this Sajji is it is stuffed with rice and roasted over coals. You can have Sajji in Lahore too, because with the passage of time, it is getting famous in the heart of every Pakistani.

There are many points in Lahore where you can enjoy the Sajji. Whether it’s Kashmiri Chargha House or Khalifa Sajji, Sajji in Lahore will give you the delicious touch to your life once you eat it. Here we have gathered the top places where you can have Sajji in Lahore Pakistan. So, rush to these places and try something Balochi!

1. Balochi Sajji in Lahore

One of the famous and tasty Sajji house in Lahore is Balochi Sajji located on Gaddafi Road, near the Qaddafi Stadium. To enjoy the delicious and desi food, this restaurant is the best. The way they make everything is simply amazing as they are offering you number of food items under one roof like Sajji, Karahi, Handi, BBQ, Takatak, Lahori Chargha, Chinese and many more. So, lets go to the Balochi Sajji in Lahore to avail outstanding deals and discounts.

Address: Balochi Sajji House Lahore Qaddafi Stadium Restaurant

Contact Number: 042-35711945

balochi sajji in lahore
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2. Khalifa Sajji

Located in Garhi Shahu Lahore, this Sajji house gives you the best Sajji in town in the low cost. Not only Sajji, you will feel out of the world once you taste their rice alongside Sajji. This is the best place for Sajji you can enjoy with your friends and family. Although there are many places in Pakistan quite famous for delicious Sajji dishes, but Lahore is the home to famous food points. So don’t miss the chance and must visit!

Address: Main Bazar Garhi Shahu Lahore

Contact Number: 0300 4074742

khalifa sajji pakistan
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3. Namak

This is the place where you can find the best quality food in less price. The amazing Desi atmosphere will give you more urge to try each and every dish there with your friends and family. The Namak restaurant is specialized in providing the Pakistani cuisines, especially Sajji. You will become the Sajji fan once you visit this restaurant. This restaurant is also famous for every type of Afghan cuisine, so it’s the right time to visit this exceptional place to fill your growling stomach.

Address: 882-D, Faisal Town, Lahore, 5400 Lahore

Contact Number: 0111-333-555

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4. Bundu Khan

All the restaurants are appealing and attractive, but there is something special in Desi food. People living abroad come to Lahore, especially to taste the delicious cuisines. One of the most famous places in providing Desi cuisines is Bundu Khan, which is famous all over Pakistan for the pure Pakistani food. Whether it’s chicken tikka or malaye boti, Bundu Khan is our favorite restaurant in terms of yumlicious Desi food. Moreover, we can’t forget the Bundu Khan restaurant, when talking about the desi food Sajji. Bundu Khan is famous for every type of food, but people love to enjoy Sajji there with the delicious Balochi rice.

Address: 106-Block-K, Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan

Contact Number: 111-444-411

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5. Qabail

Like other famous restaurants, you can have Sajji in Qabail restaurant too located in Gulberg Lahore. It is one the famous Pashtoon restaurants in Lahore along with Qabaili food with ancient taste. As the name suggests, you can avail the amazing Afghani Sajji there. This restaurant gives you the mouth watering taste in every meal so that you can go again and again. Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Qabail gives you what you want in many varieties.

Address: 46 A/1 Gulberg 3, Lahore, Pakistan-0054

Contact Number: (042) 35756033

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Pakistan is famous for many historical places, breathtaking sites, nice people and mouth watering food, but when we talk about Lahore, the famous city of Pakistan, we only want to talk about food. Everybody says, Lahore, Lahore Ae, and we can’t deny the fact that there’s not a single place on earth like Lahore, which can give you hundreds and thousands of varieties of food. You can have Desi, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Lebanese cuisine here, and nothing can beat the taste ever. People from all over the world come to Lahore only to enjoy food. You can’t live here without enjoying the food once in a week, as there are many foody people who prefers these foods over home made one.

So do you know any better place where one can enjoy the best Sajji ever other than we mentioned above? Comment below and also tell us which restaurant is your favorite in terms of Sajji.